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PopSockets PopPower: A Wireless Charging Dock That Works With Your PopGrip

Tina Sieber 08-01-2020

PopSockets has launched a wireless charging dock that will make fans happy. No longer will you have to remove your favorite phone grip or case to use your phone’s wireless charging feature.


PopSockets PopPower wireless charging dock that fits the PopGrip.

The PopPower is a wireless charging dock that perfectly fits your PopGrip. It can charge at a distance of up to 11mm, meaning your phone case can be up to 5mm thick. A bedtime-friendly dimming LED will let you sleep deeply, while your phone is getting ready for the next day, too.

PopSockets PopPower wireless charging dock that fits your PopGrip.

The PopSockets PopPower will charge your phone with up to 15 Watts. This may seem overkill, since most phone chargers only supply 5 Watts and technology like Quick Charge will supply only 12 Watts. However, newer phones, like the latest Google Pixel, will accept 15 Watts and more phones that support these rapid charging rates are in the pipeline. In other words, PopPower is a future-proof wireless charger.

The PopPower is compatible with Apple and Samsung fast charging. And yes, it will even charge your AirPods, you just have to drop them into the dock.


Now what about PopSockets’ line of metal PopGrips? Isn’t electricity and metal a dangerous combination? Indeed, it is and the company did consider that. The electricity will heat up the metal, which in turn could damage your phone. Consequently, the PopPower will detect metal in your grip and shut off the charging feature. To use wireless charging, you’ll have to remove or swap out your top using the SwapTop feature.

PopSockets PopGrip instructions for the Metal line of phone grips, including the swappable top.

The other thing you have to keep in mind is that electricity can damage your credit card. To avoid demagnetization, remember to remove your PopWallet before popping your phone onto the PopPower.

The PopPower is available now and exclusively from the PopSockets shop. It will set you back USD 60, not including a PopGrip, but it does come with an extra long charging cable.

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  1. Joe
    January 17, 2020 at 10:10 am

    Completely useless article. How do I recalibrate my battery? Bla bla blah battery tech, charging technique, bla bla, you don't really need to, nickel cadmium batteries, bla bla blah, oh and by the way it's already done for you.

    No it's not done for me, or I wouldn't be here searching for how to recalibrate my battery. Geez!

    Background: phone battery replaced, and now my phone will run for about 12 hours on the first 98% of the charge, and another 12 hours on the last 2%.