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Pokemon Quest Is Now Available on Android and iOS

Dave Parrack 27-06-2018

The mobile version of Pokemon Quest is now available to play. The Pokemon-themed RPG was released on the Nintendo Switch in May, but is now available on Android and iOS too. Pokemon Quest is free to play, with in-app purchases helping you progress.


After years of ignoring mobile gaming (as opposed to handheld gaming), Nintendo has now embraced smartphones. And its licensed Pokemon titles are leading the way. Pokemon GO took the world by storm in 2016, and now Pokemon Quest has arrived.

Paying Homage to Minecraft

Pokemon Quest sees you literally taking your Pokemon on a quest. All of the Pokemon from the Kanto region (Pokemon Red and Blue) have turned into cubes living on Tumblecube Island. This is basically just an homage to Minecraft.

You start by choosing either Charmander, Squirtle, Bulbasaur, Pikachu, or Eevee. Your Pokemon then sets out exploring the island, and befriending more Pokemon as they go. You add these to your team, and then take them out to battle wild Pokemon.

From then on it’s a simple case of exploring more of the island, adding Pokemon to your team, upgrading your Pokemon, and beautifying your base camp. You can even cook meals using ingredients you find on the island, helping you attract more wild Pokemon.

As with almost all free-to-play mobile games, Pokemon Quest contains in-app purchases. These allow you to buy more of the in-game currency that otherwise takes time to earn. However, these in-app purchases are—thankfully—entirely optional.


Download: Pokemon Quest on Android and iOS

From Pokemon GO to Pokemon Quest

Pokemon Quest is just the latest in a line of mobile games from Nintendo. There’s Pokemon GO, which can arguably improve your life, Super Mario Run, with its hefty price tag, and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, with its essential tips and tricks 15 Essential Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Tips and Tricks Looking to progress in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp? Here are tips and tricks for Pocket Camp that will help you befriend animals and build your camp up quickly. Read More .

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