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Pokemon GO Boosts Nintendo, Twitter Kills Archived Tweets… [Tech News Digest]

Dave Parrack 11-07-2016

How Pokemon GO is taking over the world, Twitter doesn’t want you seeing deleted tweets, RAM compensation is incoming, Tidal adds support for the Chromecast, and the complicated psychology of trolling.


Pokemon GO Is a Phenomenon

It’s fair to say Pokemon GO is a phenomenon at this point in time, earning the moniker less than a week after launch HummingBad Infects Android Smartphones, Nintendo Releases Pokemon GO... [Tech News Digest] New malware infects 10 million Android devices, Pokemon GO arrives on Android and iOS, Skype Meetings is aimed at small businesses, PlanetSide ends with a meteor shower, and the computer genius who sucks at Tetris. Read More . Millions of people have already downloaded the mobile game to their smartphone, and it’s impacting people in many different ways, some good, some bad.

Pokemon GO has had an immediate impact on Nintendo, with its share price rising almost 25 percent at the time of writing. That has added $7.5 billion to the value of the Japanese company, ensuring Nintendo isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Which is a good thing considering how badly the Wii U flopped Nintendo Wii U Review and Giveaway Despite the increasing shift to mobile gaming, consoles are still very popular devices for playing immersive, graphics-intensive games; and that won’t change anytime soon as long as the major console makers continue to improve with... Read More .

While Pokemon GO has been great for Nintendo, and is providing millions of people with some harmless entertainment, there is a darker side to it all. Three people have been accused of using Pokemon GO to lure people to secluded spots so that they can rob them. The game also led one teenager to a riverbank where she found a dead body.

Despite these incidents, Pokemon GO is already more popular than Tinder. Which means more people are interested in finding a Pokemon than a date for the night. That really says everything you need to know about the power of this game. Interest will inevitably wane, but for now, Nintendo has a huge hit on its hands.

Twitter Shuts Down PostGhost

Twitter has forced PostGhost to shut down. PostGhost was an archive of tweets deleted by “politicians, celebrities, and other public figures”. The idea was to hold these people to account, as without anyone archiving deleted tweets, public figures are able to post whatever they want and then retract it without any record of them having done so.


The social networking site claims PostGhost was violating its Developer Agreement and Policy, hence the request for the site to cease operations. However, in a long blog post, the people behind PostGhost explained why they had set the site up in the first place, and why they think Twitter is wrong to force them offline.

They argue that PostGhost was only archiving deleted tweets posted by verified users with tens of thousands of followers or more, which represents about 0.025% of the total Twitter userbase. PostGhost maintains that these people need to be held accountable, as Twitter provides them with “an outsized, instantaneous megaphone to reach vast numbers of followers”.

The PostGhost team have vowed to “continue a dialog and hopefully work towards a resolution that maintains user privacy while holding public figures accountable”. Twitter previously shut down Politwoops PenGate Shows People Are Dumb, Twitter Protects Politicians... [Tech News Digest] Galaxy Note 5 owners are stupid, Twitter protects politicians' tweets, Netflix streams YouTube movies, Furry Friend generates cat purrs, and elders react to 3D printers. Read More — which tracks tweets deleted by politicians — before restoring it to its former glory Netflix Expands Everywhere, Oculus Pricing Causes Rift... [Tech News Digest] Netflix is now available in almost every country, the Oculus Rift will cost you $599, Politwoops embarrasses backtracking politicians, Psychonauts 2 is getting made, and Trevor from GTA V is now selling Old Spice. Read More . PostGhost is clearly hoping for a similar resolution.

That RAM Class Action Pays Off


Anyone who bought RAM (Random-Access Memory A Quick and Dirty Guide to RAM: What You Need to Know RAM is a crucial component of every computer, but it can be confusing. We break it down in easy-to-grasp terms you'll understand. Read More ), or a device with RAM in it, between 1998 and 2002, could be due for a payout this month (July 2016). Unfortunately, you needed to join a class action against RAM manufacturers several years ago to now be due some cold, hard cash. Sadly, the deadline for claiming has already passed.

This is all because several RAM manufacturers, including Samsung, Crucial, and NEC, were found to have artificially inflated prices around the turn of the century. They were sued for their anti-competitive behavior, and $200 million of the $310 million settlement was set aside for consumers. According to Gizmodo, checks are now being sent out.

Tidal Comes to the Chromecast

Tidal, Jay-Z’s high-def streaming music service that hardly anyone uses, now supports Chromecast. This means that after the latest update (1.14.0, released on July 7), you can now stream music and videos directly to your Chromecast.

We’re not big fans of Tidal Why Jay Z's Tidal Music Streaming Service is Doomed to Fail Jay Z recently relaunched Tidal, the music streaming service he acquired for $56 million. Tidal has 99 problems, and the pitch is one. Read More here at MakeUseOf, so we cannot recommend subscribing to this particular service over either Spotify or Apple Music. However, those of you who have chosen Tidal will surely be heartened by Chromecast support finally becoming a reality.


The Psychology of Trolling

And finally, SciShow (one of the YouTube channels made for marathoning 10 Educational YouTube Channels Made for Marathoning YouTube is now the go-to place for nearly any video you could want -- and that makes it a wonderful educational resource. Especially if you binge-watch the best YouTube channels out there. Read More ) tackles trolls, trying to figure out why people act in such an overly egregious way on the internet. We discover that trolls are disinhibited, disengaged people who mock, shame, and otherwise act atrociously for the LOLs.

We all have to accept some of the blame for the rise of online trolling How You Can Be a Force For Good In a World Filled With Online Trolls Each of us can make the web better, simply by making an effort to post positive things throughout the Internet. Read More , as the sites and services we all use allow them to flourish. Unfortunately, there is little we can do to combat the problem at the moment, apart from remembering the number one rule: “Don’t feed the trolls!”

Your Views on Today’s Tech News

Are you playing Pokemon GO yet? If so, what do you think of it? Should deleted tweets be archived for posterity? Do you use Tidal or one of the other streaming music services? Have you ever experienced obvious trolling online?

Let us know your thoughts on the Tech News of the day by posting to the comments section below. Because a healthy discussion is always welcome.


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