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Sandy Writtenhouse 17-07-2017

Poetry may come from the heart — but you still need the right tools to get it down on paper. Whether you’re looking for databases of poems for inspiration, tools to help you find rhymes, general advice, or just a clean place to write, we’ve got you covered. You don’t have to be an expert to start writing poetry; grab a few of these tools and start today!


Get Help and Tips on the Web

You don’t have to search high and low for poetic resources on the internet. These wonderful sites offer features that every hopeful — or even experienced — poet can appreciate.

Produced by the Academy of American Poets, is a terrific resource. You can browse poets and poems, learn more about poetic forms, and find poetry events near you. If you are interested in a specific theme or form, you can search for poems and apply filters. Plus, you can review additional resources like books, video, and details for National Poetry Month. main also offers membership programs of varying levels and with excellent benefits including books and discounts for the site’s Poets Shop.

Poetry Foundation

If you’re familiar with Poetry magazine, then you’ll like the Poetry Foundation’s website. As the publisher of that magazine, the site is the perfect online accompaniment. Browse the poems or filter them by type. You can also read up on specific poets, view collections, and check out helpful articles.


You can view a glossary of poetic terms, review other online resources, sign up for newsletters, and listen to interesting podcasts.

Writer’s Digest – Poetic Asides

The Writer’s Digest website is also well-known for their magazine. But many are not aware that there is a related blog specifically for poets called Poetic Asides by Robert Lee Brewer. This is a fantastic spot to visit for poetry prompts, details on poetic forms, and useful articles.

writers digest poetic asides


Poetic Asides also provides resources for poetry clubs, events, books, and podcasts. And, to start it off right, take a look at this article on the blog: 5 Ways How to Write a Poem.

Useful Browser Add-Ons

Browser extensions and apps can be handier than you think. Whether you need a rhyme for a children’s poem, inspiration for a romantic one, or a place to jot down that precise wording, these add-ons come to the creative rescue 10 Ways Your Browser Can Help You Be More Creative You don't have to scour the web for tools to explore your creativity. Whether you want to express yourself or simply find inspiration, you have terrific options right in your browser. Read More .

RhymeZone [No Longer Available]

If the poetry you write is of the rhyming type, then the Rhyme Zone extension for Firefox is an ideal tool. When you install it, it will become a search engine in your list. To use it, type your word or phrase into your search bar, click the magnifying glass, and pick RhymeZone from the list.



You will then be directed to the RhymeZone website to obtain your search results. From there, you can check out rhyming words with various syllable counts and even find near-rhymes, poems, and quotes.

PoemHunter [No Longer Available]

Another Firefox extension that works as a search engine is PoemHunter. You use it in the same way as RhymeZone: enter your word or term into your search bar and select PoemHunter from the search engine list.


If you are looking for poems about a specific topic, from a particular poet, or in a certain form, this extension makes it easy. You’ll be directed to the PoemHunter website with the results of your search displayed.



For Chrome users who need a rhyming tool, the Rhymey extension is awesome. Once you install it, the tool is super easy to use. Just double-click on a word to find a rhyme — the extension automatically pops open a small window with results.


If you quickly need words that rhyme when you are using Chrome, Rhymey is the tool for you.

Purewrite [No Longer Available]

If you want a writing tool for Chrome, Purewrite is a convenient app providing access to the Purewrite website. Simply enter the title of your piece and begin writing line by line. As you write, you’ll see the syllable count for your words. Hit enter at the end of each line to move to the next one.


PureWrite includes a notes section at the bottom and words that rhyme by double-clicking on any of your own words. You can also create a free account to save your items.

Jump on a Mobile App

When that perfect verse or haiku hits you on-the-go, be ready to capture it, expand it, or get ideas to add to it. These apps for Android and iOS are convenient, useful, and intuitive.

How to Write Poetry [No Longer Available]

For Android users, How to Write Poetry is a great resource for your device. The app gathers helpful articles from the internet and puts them at your fingertips. You can receive notifications when new articles are added, share your favorites, and add your own links.

how to write poetry

Poet Assistant

Another Android app that you will find helpful for your poetry is Poet Assistant. You can use the rhyming dictionary, thesaurus, dictionary, and enter your own poems to hear them read back out loud to you. Poet Assistant works offline, so you can access it wherever you go.

poet assistant

Download: Poet Assistant for Android (Free)

Instant Poetry 2

Instant Poetry 2 for iOS — as the name implies — lets you create poems instantly. You are provided with the words and just drag them onto the lovely background to create your poem. You can upload your own image background, receive new words with a tap of the refresh button, and save your poems. Poetry 2 also offers word packs via in-app purchases starting at just $0.99.

instant poetry 2

Download: Instant Poetry 2 for iOS (Free)

Rhymer’s Block

Another neat poetry app for iOS is Rhymer’s Block. With this tool you can receive real-time rhyme suggestions and near-rhymes, review a word frequency analysis, and share your work with the app community. The app also works offline and offers cloud sync.

rhymer's block

Download: Rhymer’s Block for iOS (Free)


For both Android and iOS, HaikuJam is a fun app where you create poetry with others. Once you set up a free account, you can join tons of poets like you. You select a topic and add your words to a three-line poem. Then, the finished poem created by you and two others will be posted for the community to view, like, and share.


Download: HaikuJam for Android | iOS (Free)

Take Advantage of Windows Apps

If you are a Windows user, then hop over to the Windows App Store for help with poetry. These apps provide excellent resources and inspiration from the greatest poets.

Internet Poetry

For an attractive app that offers poems from over 100 poets, internet Poetry is a wonderful tool. When you open it, just select the name of a poet to review a list of their works. Then, click on a poem to read it in full and share it if you like.

internet poetry

Poetry Pal

Poetry Pal is a database containing works from 100 poets as. Each time you open the app, you receive a random poem and can choose another to keep getting that inspiration. You can also select from the list of poets to read their works or enter a keyword to search the database.

poetry pal

Let the Words Flow

These tools for poetry can help you get tips, inspiration, and additional creative ideas. But it all starts from within you. If being a poet is in your heart, make sure that you have resources and apps to help you along that poetic journey 6 Apps Every Aspiring Poet Should Have On Their Device [iOS] It seems like there is no hobby or topic a person could be interested in that does not “have an app for that.” For poetry, I was shocked in regards to just how many iPhone... Read More .

If you have tools you would like to add to this list, please share them with us in the comments below!

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