Podcat Is Pretty Much Like IMDb for Podcast Hosts
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Podcasts are great. In fact, some podcasts are so popular, that their hosts are actually quite famous. Some listeners care more about who hosts the show than the show itself. So why don’t podcast hosts have a site like IMDb where listeners (and the hosts themselves) can find out on what shows anyone has appeared?

As it turns out, there’s a site called Podcat that does just that!

To use the site, just type in the name of a podcast or podcast host, and results will automatically begin to populate as you type. You may need to type the full name in order to get the results you want, though.

When I type in my name — “Dave LeClair” — the Technophilia podcast that I used to host doesn’t actually come up until I get through my whole name (though I am quite happy that it comes up at all).


It seems that the site needs to have the hosts names in the RSS feed or episode descriptions in order for them to show up in the search. For example, Jeff Gerstmann, one of the members of the wildly popular Giant Bombcast doesn’t snow up because none of the participants names are listed anywhere related to the show.

If you someone you want to see isn’t listed, you can hit the About page and submit them!

What is your favorite podcast? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Eva
    October 1, 2017 at 8:48 pm

    This app is not working for what I need to do, which is to SIMPLY find a half way point so that I can pick up some household items from one family member in OH to deliver to another family member in IL. I live in IN. Should be simple enough. Gonna do it the "old fashioned way" and pull out the Atlas. Also, WAY.........to many ads on this site!