Plex News Should Help Keep Cord-Cutters Happy
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Plex is adding another string to its increasingly impressive bow, and this one should help keep cord-cutters happy. Plex News, as the new feature is called, comprises news clips from an array of sources from across the political spectrum. Keeping you up-to-date with what’s happening in the world.

The number and variety of streaming services available today means it’s easier than ever to cut the cord by cancelling your cable TV. Unfortunately, this will negatively impact your ability to watch live sports and to view breaking news. The new Plex News is an effort to help fill one of those voids.

Plex News Keeps Cord-Cutters Up-To-Date

Plex News will be populated with videos of news reports from a number of sources around the world. The clips on offer to you should run the full gamut from life-changing world events to amusing stories from your local area. And you can pick and choose which you watch and when at your leisure.

Plex News will feature a personalized newscast that will essentially act like your own rolling news channel. But instead of one channel, the individual clips will come from multiple sources. You can follow or mute each of these sources as they play, helping Plex News learn more about you.

Plex News Should Help Keep Cord-Cutters Happy plex news example screenshot

If you prefer to pick and choose news clips yourself you can configure Plex News with your own personal interests, and just play clips that appeal to you directly. You can also follow specific topics, such as business and technology, in order to further personalize Plex News to suit you.

Unlike Plex Live TV, which is only available to Plex Pass subscribers, Plex News is available to all. It’s free to use, but supported by ads. Plex News is rolling out to Android, iOS, Roku, Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, and the Nvidia Shield (the ultimate tool for cord-cutters everywhere).

Stop Viewing the World Through a Filter

Having 190 sources ranging from Al Jazeera to The Blaze should stop you from falling into a news bubble filtered to suit your own views. Which is a breath of fresh air in this day and age when most of us are guilty of seeing the world through a filter devoid of opposing opinions and nuance.

Are you a fan of Plex? If so, do you just use the basic app or pay for the Plex Pass? What do you think of the new Plex News? Can you see yourself using it on a regular basis? Does this solve one of the problems associated with cutting the cord? The comments are open below.

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