Plex Live TV Is Now Available on Your Roku
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Plex has finally brought its Live TV offering to Roku devices. This means anyone who owns a Roku device (including any of the new hardware lineup for 2017) can now gain access to Plex Live TV. That is if they’re a Plex Pass subscriber who also owns a TV antenna and digital TV tuner.

Plex Live TV

There is a lot of television content floating around in the air just waiting to be discovered and watched. And all you need to gain access to it is a TV antenna. However, serious cord-cutters might want to consider paying for a Plex Pass in order to get access to Plex Live TV.

Plex launched Live TV alongside a much-needed DVR functionality earlier this year. And this welcome addition enables cord-cutters to get a cable-like TV service for a fraction of the cost. It’s also much more affordable than the likes of Sling TV, DirecTV Now, and PlayStation Vue.

Live TV for Roku

At launch Plex Live TV was only available on iOS and Android TV. It has since landed on other platforms including Android and Apple TV, and now, finally, Plex Live TV is available on Roku devices. Which, for Roku owners who pay for a Plex Pass, could be the perfect combination.

In a Plex Blog post, Plex calls Roku its “most popular platform,” which makes you wonder why it took so long for Plex Live TV to land on Roku. At the moment Live TV for Roku is only available as a beta, with Plex planning to release it to all Plex Pass subscribers over the next week.

Sadly, Live TV is only available to Plex Pass subscribers. Also sadly, you cannot yet schedule shows to record on the Plex DVR through your Roku device. However, you will be able to watch content recorded on other supported platforms, so all is not lost on that cable-copying front.

Cutting the Cord

Plex Live TV is a great option for anyone seriously looking to cut the cord. And unless you really can’t bear to live without live news and sports why wouldn’t you want to save a small fortune by cancelling your cable. The fact that Live TV is now available on Roku devices is just a bonus.

Do you own a Roku device? If so, which one? Do you pay for a Plex Pass? If so, are you using Plex Live TV? Are you now going to marry the two to create a beautiful union between platform and features? Do you think I’m talking nonsense? The comments are open below.

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  1. Soni
    December 30, 2017 at 8:45 am

    Started using Plex from last October. I can watch all my favorite channels and shows. Plex's own subscription is very cheap and best as compared to the other TV subscription providers.It also streams all your music, TV shows photos etc. Activation was successfully done @

  2. TomSJr
    October 31, 2017 at 7:54 pm

    We cut the cord in August and we are VERY happy. We subscribe to CBS All Access, Netflix, and Hulu. Every single show we loved on DirecTV is on our ROKU Feed. We have saved so much money, it it simply ridiculous. We were scared at first, but soon found out that the shows that were not offered on these subscription apps, we could watch on the Internet. For instance, The Walking Dead, which we were disillusioned with during Season 7, we decided to see the old gang fight back Negan in Season 8 and have found free sites that allow us to watch for free. I love that. TWD was the only show we really missed from network TV. We did like Major Crimes, but it was beginning to get mundane.

    YES, we are very happy watching TV series we never had the chance to watch, such as Hawaii 5-0, The Blacklist, and others and we have found them very entertaining using our Premium subscriber apps on Roku.

    If anyone has doubts about going to a TV antenna, be sure you get the best. We bought the ClearStream antenna for $150 at Best Buy. and because we are about 60 miles from a major city, we spent another $50 on a booster. We used the existing DirecTV connector in the basement (where the wires came in and connected to for DirecTV), which had 3 input slots. WE only use 2, so we are good. We get over 50 channels that are beneficial to us and the other 10 channels aren't that good.

    We placed the new antenna in a bucket in sand, just so we could test it out on our 3-year old Samsung Smart TV. Low and behold, Samsung KNEW the signal was difference and appropriately programmed it all FOR US. NOW, THAT IS SMART TV at its finest. Then, I already had 2 ROKUs, Series 2 and 3 and connected them to both TVs, one in the TV room and 1 in the spare BR.

    Yes, you have to make a list of what you watched on TV before the change and when your TV show's episode came on, but Hulu and CBS ALL Access allows a new episode's access the day after it shows, so move your days up by one. It took us about 1 month to get everything in order, but it was worth it. It may not take you that long, but one of us works, otherwise, it would have only taken a week or so.

  3. Larry
    October 15, 2017 at 10:59 am

    I have a TCL roku TV I purchased the plex plus I get one station news what happened to my local stations I contacted the number for plex and left a message and no one has called me back yet I emailed them and was not emailed back yet if they don't Correct the problem I will definitely be cancel my subscription So far I would say it's not worth it but we'll see what happens and I will keep everyone posted

  4. Thom Lamb
    October 15, 2017 at 1:20 am

    Unfortunately, Plex on Roku doesn't work anymore. 5 minutes into a show and it reboots the Roku device. ?I have nothing but great success with all of my other devices, and if you want live TV hook Plex up to silicon dust. All of my smart TVs work great. I was thinking about getting a Roku tv, but after this experience probably not.

  5. John
    October 14, 2017 at 10:38 pm

    I cut the cord before it was even a thing back in 2005. I used a Windows XP Media enter edition PC to record tv On its hard drive (DVR wasn't a thing then either). The experience only improved with Windows 7, and then with Netflix and Hulu streaming. There were even apps made just for the Media Center for those two services, making the service super easy to use. Alas Microsoft was a few years ahead of the general public and unceremoniously dumped the Media Center with Windows 10, just as the public is finally embracing cord cutting. I still use it daily, but am sad Microsoft gave up on on it.

  6. RA almeida
    October 14, 2017 at 9:36 pm

    How do you get plex live tv??? I downloaded the channel bur it is not listing any tv... only music??? Help?? I have roku premiere and sticks.. what antenna you recommend? I just wanna be able to watch live cbs and abc!