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Plex Adds a Traditional Live TV Channel Guide

Dave Parrack 14-06-2018

The way we consume video content has changed considerably over the last few years. First, we started recording shows to DVRs, and then we started streaming shows over the internet. And now we do all of this and more besides, while also cutting the cord Everyone Else Is Cutting the Cord, So Why Aren't You? I cut the cord back in 2013 and more and more people are following suit, completely ditching their cable service. But not everyone is cutting the cord, and we decided to find out why... Read More .


However, it seems that no matter how we watch TV, everyone expects channel guides to look a certain way. For video on demand, there’s the Netflix model, with thumbnails organized into genres. And for live TV there’s the grid view we all know from cable.

People Love a Good Grid View

It turns out people can’t bear to be without the grid view that’s standard on cable TV. And so users have flooded streaming services with requests for the grid view. Many, including YouTube TV and Sling TV, have delivered. And now Plex has admitted defeat too.

On the Plex Blog, Plex details how users have been begging the company to offer a grid view for its Live TV offering. And after much trial and error (which was probably just a long weekend coding session) Plex has launched grid view on Plex Web.

Plex’s grid view isn’t available to everyone. Instead, you’ll need a Plex Pass and an antenna and tuner in order to use Plex Live TV and DVR. If you already have that set up you can now browse live television channels in the traditional grid view using Plex Web.


While the grid view is only currently available through Plex Web, Plex promises that it’s “working to bring this type of view to more apps in the future”. And if you need help setting it up just follow the steps outlined on this support page.

Don’t Fix What Isn’t Broken

There’s a reason the grid view has persisted regardless of platform and technology. Which is because it works, and well. It may look boring compared to Netflix and the like, but it’s simple and intuitive, and more likely to help you find something to watch.

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