Plex DVR Can Now Remove Ads From Your Recordings
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Plex DVR has a new trick up its sleeve, and this one means you may never have to sit through another television commercial. Plex DVR can now automatically remove commercials from your recordings, but you will need a Plex Pass subscription, and there are some other caveats.

No one likes ads, whether they’re invading websites or spoiling TV shows. Unfortunately, they’re a necessary evil, paying for those websites or TV shows to exist. Which means television networks aren’t going to be happy about the latest feature for Plex Live TV and DVR.

How to Remove Commercials Using Plex DVR

Plex is a fantastic tool for cord-cutters. And Plex DVR, which lets you record TV shows, is a great option for those who want the convenience of cable TV without any of the costs. And now, with very little fanfare, Plex DVR has gained the ability to remove the ads from your recordings.

This feature is currently in beta, so you’ll have to set your Update Channel to beta and grab the latest version of the software. Then, in the Plex Server Settings for Live TV and DVR, you’ll see a “Remove Commercial” option. Turn this on and Plex will remove the ads, but please read on first!

There are some caveats to consider. First, you’ll need a Plex Pass subscription. The process will also “take a long time and cause high CPU usage.” And, most importantly, it removes the portions determined to be commericals from your video files. So if it messes up, they’re gone for good.

A Useful Feature for Plex DVR Users

Assuming the caveats outlined above don’t put you off then this could prove to be a useful feature for Plex DVR users. However, it remains to be seen if the television networks take action to stop this from happening. Because Fox sued the Dish Network over its ad-skipping feature.

Do you have a Plex Pass subscription? If so, do you think it represents good value for money? Do you use Plex DVR? What do you think of the option to automatically remove commercials? Will you be making use of this feature? Please let us know in the comments below!

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