How to Play Windows Store Games Offline and Without a Connection
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The Windows Store is Microsoft’s attempt at creating a unified app store for Windows. While there are some great apps available from the Store, most of the best Windows software is found elsewhere.

While the Store isn’t a vital destination for most users it does house some great casual games. Those with children likely have a few games from the Store installed, and they’ll be happy to know that you can now use games offline. Here’s how to make sure you can access those games, even without an internet connection.

Make sure you’re online and have the latest updates installed, then open the Windows Store and click your profile icon in the top-right. Choose Settings from the drop-down menu and scroll down to the Offline Permissions heading. Switch the Make this PC the one I use… even when I’m offline option to On.

Now that you’ve picked your offline PC, you need to choose which games are available offline. Launch any games that you want to use without a connection, and sign into Xbox Live if applicable. You don’t have to play any of the game — just make sure you’ve launched it once and signed in.

Microsoft only lets you change this setting three times in a year, so make sure you activate the right machine.

Of course, games that rely on multiplayer won’t work offline, so stick to single-player titles. When you’re offline you can’t make in-app purchases, view the leaderboards, or work with Achievements. Still, these are small bits to give up in order to play all you want offline.

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Will you take your Store games offline? Let us know if you play any games from the Windows Store regularly down in the comments!

Image Credit: YAKOBCHUK VIACHESLAV via Shutterstock

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