PlaySafe: The Safest Way To Let Your Kids Play With Your Cell Phone [Android]
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Do you have an Android device that your child loves to play with? Handing them your cell phone can be a great way to keep them busy when you are stuck in a boring situation. They can play games and keep themselves entertained while you do what you need to. Of course, there are certain risks involved such as them going to the web browser and seeing things they shouldn’t. Play Safe is an Android app that allows you to limit what your children can do on your phone.

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Using the app is incredibly simple. You just boot it up and choose the applications you want your kids to be able to get access to. If you know there are 3 or 4 games that they really love, you add them to the list and when they use the phone they will not be able to use anything else besides the apps you have chosen for them.


When your kids ask to play with your phone, you simply launch Play Safe and click the lock button. Until you unlock the phone, only the chosen apps will be usable. When they are done, simply unlock the device and it will be ready to used normally.


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  1. Tanguy Djokovic
    September 17, 2012 at 11:53 pm

    is the unlock password protected? or do we just hope that the kid simply won't think about touching the one button?

    Also, would it be possible to have different "accounts" for example:
    the game mode (only games)

    then another with more possibilities ( if we hand at a party and someone want to take picture, or do silly things, we would lock the phone to only be able to phone and sms until unlock)
    etc etc....

    or if our teenager wants to use our international calling for free plan, but we don't want it to go in our files/pictures/music/movies....