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You Can Now Play the Original Diablo in Your Browser

Dave Parrack 03-08-2019

The Diablo series has kept gamers entertained for decades, and now you can now go back to the very start by playing the original Diablo in your web browser. The visuals are bound to disappoint, but the storyline and gameplay are both as good as ever.


Blizzard is currently working on several new Diablo games, either confirmed or rumored. There’s Diablo 4, obviously, plus a mobile game called Diablo: Immortal. But while you’re waiting for these to arrive, why not play the original Diablo from 1996 in your browser.

How to Play Diablo in Your Web Browser

Diablo is a hack and slash action RPG. You pick a character ( Warrior, Rogue, or Sorcerer) and head off to rid the world of Diablo, the Lord of Terror. You battle your way through randomly generated dungeons, eventually entering Hell itself to face off against Diablo.

The game is now available to play in your web browser. This is the original source code which comes complete with bugs. The shareware version is available to play for free, but this limits you to the Warrior class and the first two dungeons.

If you own a copy of the game (which is available to buy from GoG), you can load the main DIABDAT.MPQ file to play the full game in your browser. To play the original Diablo in your browser, just visit the website and choose your options to get started.

Other Old Games Still Worth Playing Today

If you’re an older gamer who remembers playing the original Diablo in the 1990s, this should bring back nostalgic memories. And if you’re a younger gamer who has never played anything so ancient, this is an opportunity to sample a slice of gaming history.


If you enjoy playing older games, there are plenty of other options beyond Diablo. We have previously listed the old PC games still worth playing today 10 Old PC Games Still Worth Playing Today Playing old PC games can fill you with nostalgia. Here's our list of the best old PC games you should still play today. Read More , and the remastered video games worth playing again 10 Remastered Video Games Worth Playing Again Looking for the best remastered games you can play today? Check out these excellent remasters of great old games. Read More . Which should help you sort the wheat from the chaff.

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