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You Can Now Play Crazy Taxi Free on Your Smartphone

Dave Parrack 29-05-2017

Crazy Taxi is now free on Android and on iOS. The game should be familiar to anyone who either spent time in arcades around the turn of the century or who owned a Dreamcast 6 Dreamcast Games That Stand The Test Of Time [MUO Gaming] In many ways the Dreamcast is the forgotten console in video games history. It didn't sell well, it didn't stick around long, and it never quite lived up to its early promise. However, those who... Read More . The simple gameplay coupled with a demanding difficulty level make Crazy Taxi perfect for smartphones.


Most gamers will have certain games which they’ll never forget playing. These may be games from their childhoods, or games which just resonated for whatever reason. For me, Crazy Taxi is one of those games. I wasn’t very good at it, but it still provided me with hours of mindless fun.

Play Some Classic Sega on Your Smartphone

Crazy Taxi was originally released in arcades in 1999 before being ported to the Dreamcast. It was then ported to the PlayStation 2, GameCube, Windows, and various other platforms. In 2012 it landed on Android and iOS, but only for those willing to pay. Now, it’s available for free.

For the uninitiated among you, Crazy Taxi sees you adopt the role of a taxi driver. Your job is to pick up and drop off as many fares as possible in a set amount of time. To succeed you need to employ a mix of nifty driving skills, strategy, and common sense. A tricky combination.

This is the original game in all its glory. Which means you have the fun cast of characters, the vast, varied maps, and the fast, frenetic gameplay. The controls are extremely intuitive on smartphones New Smartphone? These 8 Games Will Push it to its Limit You’ve just got a new smartphone, brimming with power, full of RAM, and with a top-end GPU to boot. There is only one thing on your mind – games, games and more games. Read More too, so you should get the hang of Crazy Taxi quickly enough to have fun with it.

Who Cares About Ads When a Game Is This Good?

Crazy Taxi is an absolute gem of a game many of you (of a certain age) will remember fondly. The fact it’s now available to play for free on your smartphone is mindblowing. Sure, as with most free games, you’ll have to put up with some ads, but who cares when the gameplay is this good.


Have you ever played Crazy Taxi? What platform did you play it on? Did you spend too much time trying to beat it in an arcade? Or did you play it to death on the Dreamcast? Will you be downloading it for your smartphone? Please let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Jennifer
    June 2, 2017 at 6:07 pm

    So I am on level 524 and have never hit the jackpot on the wheel spin and have never seen the sweet teeth until this article. It's neat. With that being said I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS GAME. Any suggestions on how to hit the jackpot on the wheel?!?