You Can Now Plan Vacations Using Google Search
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Google is improving the way it deals with searches related to vacations. In particular, vacation-related searches made on mobile devices. So, whether you’re searching for the best hotels, the cheapest flights, or just things to do in your location of choice, Google has you covered.

For many of us, our smartphones have become the one tool to rule them all. We use our smartphones for pretty much everything these days, from waking us up in the morning, from falling asleep to a podcast, and everything in-between. However, smartphones aren’t always particularly user-friendly.

Planning Vacations on Your Smartphone

One area in which smartphones struggle is helping people plan their vacations. Because unless you’re happy to let someone else organize them, there are too many elements involved in the planning. Which is why Google is improving the way its travel planning tools work on mobile.

A new navigation bar will help travellers plan future vacations without having to open multiple tabs. So, when you search for a flight to a particular destination you can easily flick across to see hotels available in that same location. And this will also work the other way around too.

In terms of hotels, Google is making it easier to filter by price, find information on amenities, and book right from within the search results. In terms of flights, Google will now let you check prices and departure times, and then book the correct flight from within the search results.

These changes are rolling out in the United States right now, and will be rolled out globally in the coming months. And any vacations booked through Google will be added to a new feature called “Your Trips”. This will, as the name suggests, show you all of your past and future reservations.

Making Things as Painless as Possible

Google has clearly realized that more and more people are researching future vacations on their mobile devices. And so the company is endeavoring to make the process as painless as possible. After all, planning a vacation should be an exciting experience free from stress, right?

Do you ever use Google Search to plan vacations? How useful do you find Google in surfacing information on resorts, hotels, and flights? Would you ever book your hotel or flight through Google Search? Or do you use specific sites? Please let us know in the comments below!

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