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TehseenBaweja 16-07-2012

PlagTracker is a web tool designed to help people run plagiarism checks on their academic papers and other types of texts. While it may not be the first such web service, PlagTracker is convenient to use with its quick and simple checking process, comprising three steps.


To begin with, users are required to upload the document they want to run the plagiarism check on. The uploading is done by entering the text in a text box. To start the plagiarism checker, hit the ‘Start Checking’ tab.

check plagiarism on papers

The text is then scanned by PlagTracker, providing users with the plagiarism report that highlights the areas where they need to provide citations or rephrase the text.


Visit PlagTracker.


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  1. Sandra Chi
    May 20, 2015 at 4:30 pm

    An emerging challenge in nursing today is the use of technology which has impacted positively on healthcare organization and patients. Due to the positive impact, healthcare organization recognize the need for nurse to be educated and be experts on the use of these technologies. This paper will touch upon the impact of the technology on nursing and health organizations. (Huston 2013) identified Seven emerging technology were, three skill set nurses are required to adapt in the use these technologies, four challenges nursing managers will encounter while initiating these technologies and the impacts of advance technologies on nursing education.
    The Seven Emerging technologies
    (Huston 2013) enumerated these technologies as electronic record, computerized physician/provider order entry, genetic and genomic, 3D printing, robotic, biometrics and clinical decision supports.
    The nursing skill set needed
    The ability to use technology which (Huston 2013) pointed out that this ability facilitate growth, improve relationship through communications and operational processes. The second is the ability to attain the level of expert. This means that nurse are requires to be expert in information management. However the ideal was emphasized on (Brenner 2011) who stated that “ The expert nurse, with an enormous background of experience, now has an intuitive grasp of each situation and zero on the accurate region of the problem without wasteful consideration of a large range of unfruitful, alternative diagnoses and solution” (p.32). The third is the application of genetic and genomic which are used in diagnosis and treatment of disease. Nurses are expected to have the knowledge and know how it works. In addition, Calzone et at suggested in (Huston 2013) that nurses and other health employer will eventually face obligation to incorporate genetic discoveries in their practice.
    The challenges nursing managers will encounter while initiating these technologies
    The problem of balancing the act of nursing with the new technology, the cost of training nurse to be expert in the use of these technologies and increase in cost of healthcare (Huston 2013). These implies that holistic nursing will be affected at the essence of expanding these technologies, but on the other way round will yield a positive outcome on patient, alleviate the stress of filling papers and promote the HIPPA law.
    The importance of advance technologies in nursing
    Advanced in technology has created opportunity for nurses to learn and grow in knowledge. (Smith 2008) mentioned three category of technology in nursing education which includes; online learning, use of technology devices at work and clinical learning. Distance education has inspired so many nurses to advance in practice as well as reducing the stress of living in the campus to attend a university. It has also created more flexibility with work and family life. Even though, the technology can reduce face to face leaning, the importance surpasses the disadvantages. Examples can be seen in RN to BSN program online. Furthermore, distance education uses interactive sections such discussion board, video conference, group projects, recorded lectures from instructor and other sources that can aid the student to achieve success. The importance of incorporating social justice and communication among nurse and other teams was made possible by the use of technology at work. The use of technology in clinical learning has also created access to clinical websites which has expanded the knowledge of nurses and increase learning experience. However, (Smith 2008) lamented on its impact on nurses that it has the possibility to advance education and training with a carrying standard by equalizing education access and progression.
    Benner, P. (2012). From novice to expert: Excellence and power in clinical nursing practice. Menlo Park: Addison-Wesley.
    Huston, C. (2013). The Impact of Emerging Technology on Nursing Care: Warp Speed Ahead. Online Journal Of Issues In Nursing, 18(2), 1. doi:10.3912/OJIN.Vol18No02Man01.
    Smith, M. (2008). Caring scholar response to: Technology in nursing education. International Journal For Human Caring, 12(2), 65-67.

  2. Fruit Travel
    August 29, 2012 at 7:07 am

    The tool is good. But, It would have been better if we have something like copyscape where we can check the pages online instantly.