5 Places for True War and Military Stories From Veterans

Mihir Patkar 15-11-2016

The future of war may be autonomous, but the history is full of real people. And those real people have real stories to tell. From the First World War to more recent battles like Iraq, veterans have documented their tales in several formats: articles, videos, and even audio.


Through a few websites, you can relive all of their stories for free. In case you forgot about the hardships they faced, here’s a refresher.

1. Eyewitness to History (Web): Text Stories, Drawing From History Books

Some sites make history come alive These 15 Fascinating History Sites Make the Past Come Alive History isn't just the subject we left behind in school. These 15 interactive (but educational) websites and tools prove that the re-telling of historical events can be entertaining and fun. Read More in new and different ways. Eyewitness to History doesn’t rely on new media. Instead, it uses the tried-and-tested format of first-person stories from those who were actually there.

Military War Stories -- Eyewitness to History

There are plenty of non-war stories, but the site is especially detailed when dealing with stories from the two World Wars. Take, for example, the story of the famous Christmas truce. By drawing from multiple books that talked to people who were there, Eyewitness to History stitches together a single, cohesive tale of everything that happened that day.

There are also several stories from other wars and battles, like the American Civil War, so check the site’s index as well.


2. Voices of the First World War (Podcast): From the BBC Sound Archives

The BBC was formed just after the First World War, so it obviously reported on it and its aftermath extensively. The Imperial War Museum is another repository of interviews with veterans as well as other military personnel from the time. Host Dan Snow brings it all together to tell World War stories that you’ve never heard before.

Military War Stories -- Voices of the First World War

Even among the best educational history podcasts 10 Educational History Podcasts To Subscribe & Listen To A lot of us left history back in the classrooms. For some it made for ponderous reading. Thanks to the many history podcasts available for free on the web, listening to it is both entertaining... Read More , this one stands out for Snow’s meticulous research and brilliant narration. Each episode focuses on one incident or story, sometimes told from multiple perspectives.

There are 28 total episodes and you can download them all as MP3 for free. No strings attached, so you don’t even need a special podcast app.

3. /r/MilitaryStories (Web): More Modern, But Just as Fun

The Reddit community at /r/MilitaryStories has contributors from different parts of the American military, as well as others around the world. Given that it’s only a little over a year old, the tales told here are often more recent than the world wars or even Vietnam or Korea.

Military War Stories -- Reddit Military Stories

You won’t get a new submission every day, but the forum usually sees about five or more stories a week. Since its focus is purely on stories and nothing else, it’s also a lot more entertaining and light-hearted. The commenters too tend to be more respectful, than getting into arguments like you would see in other sub-reddits.

There is no way to verify each of these stories, but they mostly seem legitimate. Chalk up another great place to read true stories from real people 7 Best Sites, Forums, and Sub-Reddits for True Stories from Real People Everyone loves a good story. And the best stories, more often than not, are true stories. Some websites are aimed at being a platform for people to tell their honest tale. Here are seven. Read More .

4. Soldiers’ Stories (Web): Letters From Soldiers Fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq

America’s National Endowment for the Arts led an initiative during the 2000s war in Iraq and Afghanistan called Operating Homecoming. This project put soldiers through writing workshops, where they were asked to write home about their war experiences. Under the tutelage of respected writers, the soldiers penned some of the best “from-the-frontlines” letters you’ll ever read.

Military War Stories -- Soldiers Stories

The New Yorker magazine published several of these, which are now available to read online for free. Each letter starts with its author, what they did, and where they were writing from.

It’s a single page with a long list of letters, so you might want to add it to your Pocket collection. In fact, given its length, you might need some of our favorite Pocket tips and tricks 9 Ways to Get More Out of Pocket Pocket is the ultimate digital bookmarking service out there. Let's find out how to boost your Pocket experience with the right web apps and extensions. Read More to get through this one.

5. The Telling Project (Web): Veterans Tell Their Story on Stage

The Telling Project is a new initiative that brings together military veterans and family members to tell their stories on stage. By employing the basics of theater, the stories are made much better too.

It’s a travelling show, but several of them have now been recorded and available online. You can watch over 40 shows of The Telling Project on their site. The project’s makers help the veterans script their story perfectly, teach them the basics of performing it, and rehearse with them too.

The Telling Project only has American veterans, so you will learn about American war history only 6 Cool Interactive Sites To Learn More About American History I hate to come across as a bit ethnocentric here, but I've always loved American history. I love world history too, and of course the stories from the past for other countries are never-ending -... Read More . But it’s better than any history class you sat through.

What’s Your Favorite War Story?

You must have come across an amazing war story at some point, whether while reading something on the internet or watching something on TV. Heck, you might even have heard it first-hand from a veteran.

Share a link or write the story in the comments below.

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