Pixisnap: Online Mosaic Effect and Polaroid Photo Maker
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Pixisnap is a cool web-based image editing tool that allows you to spruce up your photos in two ways. First of all, it’s a polaroid photo maker. Upload a regular picture and it’ll give it to you back in a polaroid frame. Secondly, it makes it very easy to add mosaic effect to photos online.

pixisnap - polaroid photo maker

The user interface is simple, easy to comprehend and you can get started right away after choosing the type of customization. And when you’re done with photos, you can download and use them as a desktop wallpaper, MySpace background, profile picture etc.


  • Add polaroid and mosaic effects to photos online.
  • Easy to use.
  • Pictures can be converted in seconds.
  • Gallery of polaroids available to take a look.

Check out Pixisnap @ www.pixisnap.com

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