PixelConduit: Create Live Video Effects On The Fly (Mac)

Joshua Lockhart 07-03-2013

PixelConduit is a free app full of features for creating video effects. The app resides somewhere in the middle-ground between pre-visualization and post-production. To sum it up, let’s use a Hollywood analogy – it’s After Effects meets live television.


The app functions by using a system of connected nodes, each node linking to an effect of some sort. Users can connect a camera to their Mac  to view footage in real-time with effects while on-set, or footage can be imported with effects added later. Any camera can be used with the live connection – even your iSight camera.

make live video effects

The types of effects available on PixelConduit include chroma keying (that’s what filmmakers use for green screens Add Any Background To Your Photos: How Green Screen Photography Works Have you ever wanted to try out green screen photography on your own? It's really not that hard if you're shooting for something extremely simple. Fortunately, I'm here to show you just how easy it... Read More ), color correction, color grading, and more. Using the node-based web, it’s easy to keep track of what all you are using.

As a note, PixelConduit comes in a few different packages. There’s the free version, but there’s also a version (PixelConduit Complete) that works with Final Cut Pro, Motion, After Effects, Photoshop, and Aperture. You can export your pre-rendered effects to the final production using this version.



Admittedly, the app can be a bit confusing if you are using it for the first time. There’s a slight learning curve to it all, but this doesn’t mean that PixelConduit isn’t functional. It most certainly is, and for a free app, it’s very surprising how advanced it is. Fortunately, there’s a series of tutorials available in-app to help you out.


  • Live effects compositing.
  • Captures video.
  • Exports effects for post-production.
  • 90 different image processing operations.
  • Keying and masking features.

Download [No Longer Available]

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