Pitch Your Movie Ideas To The World With The Help Of These 5 Scriptwriting Websites

Saikat Basu 08-11-2011

script writing websiteHave you ever had the feeling as the end credits roll, that you could do a better job than the director or script writer? We are all closet ‘creative geniuses’, aren’t we! We live our fantasies and dreams in our minds and see them realized by someone else on celluloid. That’s why the magic of movies catches us and refuses to let go.


If you think that sparks of instant creativity can turn into movie magic, let these websites help you by allowing you to pitch your movie ideas to the world. I am of course not sure how far these websites will help you get that big fat pay cheque, but just like novel writing and short story websites, these movie story sites also help to put your movie ideas out there.

And who knows, your movie idea could just…just get noticed.

Note: Always read the terms and clauses which govern your submission.

Trigger Street Labs

script writing website

Trigger Street Labs is a community of filmmakers, writers, readers, and film buffs who collectively share, discover, and critique. The community rates the best among the rest and it gets featured on the site. The best work gets the ‘Spotlight’ each month and that helps it to be showcased for a wider audience. You have to register on the site and send in your submissions. Trigger Street Labs does not accept unasked for submissions.


The process starts with an assignment which you have to review. An eligibility test follows the review. Credits collected so help you when you have to submit your own work to be reviewed by others. Browse through the Short Stories and Screenplays section to read recent submissions and reviews.

BBC Writer’s Room

free script writing website

With a broad coverage of BBC Films, TV drama, children’s drama, TV comedy, radio entertainment and radio drama, you get plenty of options to break through with a creative idea. It may be British, but those from across the Atlantic can try their writing hand.

Writer’s Room accepts only full scripts with a minimum of 30 pages. It also applies strict formatting guidelines which you can go over on their Terms and Conditions page. Here’s the complete submissions flowchart of the entire process.



free script writing website

MovieBytes has free and Pro membership options, but the value of the site lies in the contest directory it publishes on the site. Note that contests may or may not be offering free submissions, but it’s a cool resource to check out as the page is kept updated with upcoming contests and call for submissions. is a service developed by MovieBytes to help producers and agencies find quality material from among those scripts that have fared well in screenwriting competitions. The basic service is completely free for both writers and producers.

American Express Film (My Movie Pitch)

free script writing website


You probably guessed that the YouTube channel is promoted by the Credit Card Company and Tribeca Film Festival (founded by the likes of Robert De Niro). My Movie Pitch is actually a contest to bring some great movie ideas out from the closet into the public domain.  You can jump in with a 60 second pitch and a dream to see your genius spark makes it to the big screen. Viewers can rate the movie pitches as they go through the two rounds of the contest.

Last year’s finalists went on to win an American Express Filmmaker’s Toolkit, including a laptop, movie editing software package and an HD video camera. The grand winner got a trip for two to New York City and VIP access alongside his short film debut at the 2011 Tribeca Film Festival. The final winner is selected by Tribeca Film Directors special panel, so it’s an honor indeed.

Make’n Movies

script writing website

You can start with a 300-500 word movie idea instead of a long movie script. Movie ideas are rated by members of the forum. Those that are rated the highest are featured more prominently on the site. All movie scripts and ideas come under a Creative Commons license.


Make’n Movies says that script ideas with good ratings have a higher visibility on the site and a chance to grab some eyeballs. If it leads to an offer, the site also offers its services to negotiate the deal. I couldn’t find many media mentions about the site, though.

Movie ideas are plentiful and so are resources which will help you pitch them. If you have a ready script, take care to copyright it. Services like could help with that.

This list has been put together while I was researching how to take creative stories forward. They haven’t been tested across the entire cycle of submission to acceptance. So, please treat the list of movie ideas websites as such – just a list which you can try out if a great story idea strikes you. I have purposefully avoided sites which ask you register for a free or to purchase something before you submit your idea.

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Do come back and share your experiences too. And let us know if you have any sites in mind that can help us get a million dollar advance (even a compliment will do!) with a great movie idea pitch.

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      The sites don't exist anymore Travis. This article is four years old now. I am sure other sites have sprung up in their place.

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