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PipelineDeals Is a Powerful Sales CRM That You Can Actually Understand

MakeUseOf Deals 29-10-2019

Building relationships with hundreds or thousands of clients isn’t easy. That pis why every sales team needs a good CRM system. Many of these platforms provide a vast array of features to meet the needs of big business. But trying to understand and navigate these complicated apps can slow you down. PipelineDeals is a sales management system that focuses on ease of use. It provides all the tools you need, without the clutter and confusing vocabulary. Sounds good? Right now, you can try the platform free for 14 days or explore a customized demo.


Sales Made Simple

Keeping track of prospects is a vital part of winning new business. Using CRM software should make the task straightforward. Unfortunately, many platforms are so complex that leads can get lost somewhere along the line.

PipelineDeals offers a smarter solution. This software provides a clear pathway from initial contact to the done deal. The whole pipeline is easy to manage, and you can work directly from Outlook or Gmail.

To streamline the process further, you can create advanced automations and sync PipelineDeals with your favorite productivity apps. The software even allows you to share deals securely with outside partners.

You can access PipelineDeals in any desktop browser, and work on the move with the iOS and Android apps.

Affordable Pricing

With pricing starting at $25/user/mo, PipelineDeals is scalable and affordable for any sales team. Sign up today to get started with your 14-day free trial or try a custom demo.


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