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Pinteresting Updates to Help You Find What You Want Better

Shay Meinecke 21-07-2015

Pinterest describes itself as a visual discovery tool that can be used to find ideas for projects and interests, from recipes and DIY tech projects 10 Amazing Technology Ideas You Can Find On Pinterest Active “pinners” use Pinterest to discover cool technology ideas. Here are some amazing technology ideas you can find on Pinterest. Some you can try yourself, and some you can keep pinned for inspiration. Read More to hiking trails and fashion. It has even been referred to as a top social media selling site, driving more traffic to retailer sites than YouTube and Facebook.


It’s also easy to use, especially with the unofficial Pinterest guide The Unofficial Pinterest Guide This Pinterest guide will quickly show you how to use Pinterest and all of its features. This guide outlines everything there is to know about Pinterest. Read More leading the way.

“While search still dominates, social media is becoming a significant source of traffic across the internet as consumers increasingly use sites like Facebook, Pinterest or YouTube more as discovery platforms. For retailers, all eyes are on Pinterest.” Bill Tancer, Experian Marketing Services General Manager

To hone in on this significant source of traffic, here are a few exciting updates that you need to know about.

Buyable Pin Update

Pinterest has announced buyable pins to U.S. Pinners on iPhone and iPad, with an Android option being released soon. Pins with a blue price indicate that a purchase can be made, with the feature also used as a tool to better find what you’re looking for. Pinterest is also working with Apple Pay How To Use Apple Pay To Buy Things With Your iPhone Your iPhone may some day be the only device you need to purchase products and services, but first you need to start using Apple Pay. Read More and other verified credit sources to make sure checkout is simple and secure.

And now that 75 percent of users use Pinterest on their phone, Pinterest says buying and searching on mobile Explore Pinterest In Just A Few Taps As Guided Search Comes To The Mobile Apps Pinterest is a "search engine" in its own right. New updates to Pinterest on mobile should help with the visual exploration. Guided Search is a new way to find content on Pinterest. Read More will be easy and seamless.

Searching for buyable pins is also easier, as the Pins will be featured all over the app. They will be shown on your news feed, on top of your search results, and on your favorite boards.


A slider bar can be used to find the right price for the right product that you’re searching for. There’s even an option to save your favorite pin if you decide to purchase a product later.

Over 30 million pins will be made available in the next few weeks. Products from Macys, Nordstrom and other retailers will offer their products to be purchased directly from the app. Thousands of Shopify stores 10 Things You Should Do When Starting An Online Store Setting up a store on the Internet is ridiculously easy. Seriously, if somebody tries to charge you thousands for installing an eCommerce solution, just smack them. The hard part is getting search engines to care... Read More will also have buyable pins available soon.

Merchandisers aren’t left in the dark either as Pinterest promises not to take a cut from sales. Shipping and customer service will also remain the same, which has been mentioned by merchandisers.

In addition, purchases made can help customize what you see on the site, with Promoted Pins being even more relevant.


Promoted Pins to be More Relevant

As mentioned before, the buyable pin update will help Promoted Pins be more relevant to what you like. If you buy camping gear through the app, you may be shown more camping or outdoorsy Promoted Pins.

If you buy a GoPro, you may be shown more Promoted Pins featuring camera or video gear. There are a ton of creative ways to use Pinterset Thinking Outside the Board – How to Use Pinterest Creatively Pinterest is a powerful tool that should be used for more than just daydreaming about weddings, impossible fitness challenges, and mouthwatering recipes. Try using it for more useful purposes instead! Read More and even guys are sure to find pins they like If Pinterest Doesn't Interest, Try These Alternatives For Men Pinterest is a fascinating website that reveals the things people like, love, desire, and covet. For those that have so far remained immune to its lure, Pinterest operates on the basis of images found across... Read More .

However, if you find this all to be a distraction, Pinterest explains that you can simply turn off buying history in the “Order History” section and search like you normally did before.

Cinematic Pins to Generate Ad Revenue

Another update you should know more about are the video ads that have been added to the app. Full-motion ads have also been added in an attempt to generate revenue. The video-like ads are referred to as Cinematic Pins.


The pins are unique in that they are only activated when the user scrolls past the ad, and not auto-played like similar video ads on Facebook, which Pinterest hopes will prove their commitment to customer service.

Speaking of Auto-Play Ads

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg claimed after the Ice Bucket Challenge in 2014 that they were receiving around a billion daily video views. During a call with a Forbes analyst in April 2015, Zuckerberg said the number has now risen to around 4 billion daily video views.

According to US Media Ratings council, a view is counted when a video is played for 2 or 3 seconds, whether the video caught the attention of the user or not. With videos auto-playing in news feeds, it is easy to see how Facebook can generate so many views.

Pinterest decided not to even test the auto-video ad idea, as they thought the video ads were more intrusive than engaging.


“What we heard was, auto-play ads are interruptive, and this is so much better because it keeps me in control. We didn’t even bother testing auto-play.” Tim Kendall, Pinterest General Monetization Manager

What Do You Think?

Are you a fan of Pinterest updating their product to be more shoppable? Do you use the app to find what you want to buy on the web? Are you a fan of Cinematic Pins?

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    I have been a Pinterest user for some time. Suddenly Pinterest emails stopped coming. I have searched and searched to find an answer. How do I get back my Pinterest account. HELP!