Pingdom: Monitors Website Downtime & Sends Alerts

Israel Nicolas 29-12-2009

Nothing gets more annoying for webmasters than a website in downtime. Downtime incidents can cost a lot of wasted revenue and traffic. It even hurts more if you have no idea when and why your website is down. Enter Pingdom, it is a handy web service that monitors website downtime and lets you know when your website is down with alerts.


monitor website downtime

Pingdom works by monitoring your website from multiple servers and making sure they are working. It can check your websites, private directories, FTP servers, email servers and more. When one of your servers is out, Pingdom will know and will alert you immediately through SMS, e-mail or iPhone app.

The Pingdom control panel lets you view the downtime, how long each downtime lasted, the error that caused them and more. It also checks if your DNS lookups work, locates network problems, detects the header response from your server and more. This will help you analyze errors so that you can fix them and get your website up and running quickly.

Most importantly, you can track the performance of your servers over time. You can review the various causes of downtime and see trends in response time and load time.

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Pingdom offers a free account that lets you monitor one website with up to 20 SMS alerts. If you need more websites tracked, they have basic and business accounts that allow you to monitor up 30 websites, get unlimited e-mail and Twitter alerts, up to 200 SMS alerts and more.


  • Check downtime statistics of your website.
  • Provides uptime statistics, response time, load time.
  • Helps you analyse causes of downtime errors.
  • Automatic notification via SMS, email, and Twitter.
  • Send alerts to third-party contacts.
  • Track website performance and trends over time.
  • Free and paid options available.
  • Check out Pingdom @

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