Pikock Beta: A Powerful Tool For Creating Business Websites In A Flash

Tim Brookes 09-05-2013

If you’re the owner of a small business Conduct Easy Performance Reviews at Your Small Business With Rypple Employee reviews - everyone hates to do them, managers and employees alike. The process is usually very awkward, with either your peers or your superiors coming up with all sorts of critical comments about your... Read More , small startup or simply feel like you’re in over your head when it comes to managing an online presence you’re not alone. Even tech startups need a helping hand when it comes to this sort of thing, and one such tool that might appeal to small and medium enterprises is Picock, a rich-media toting WYSIWYG web publishing system that’s currently in beta.


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Picock first invites you to upload your company logo, which it will then use as a basis for the colour scheme 10 Sites to Play with Colors and Create Color Palettes Read More exhibited on your website. You can choose between portfolio websites, business homepages and even commerce solutions before building your site using drag and drop, widgetized content.

With support for text, images and rich media the service makes building a website easy, and updating various pages is as simple as making a few edits and clicking publish. The website you build will automatically scale and work on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, too.


The ethos of Picock is to provide everything you need to build a beautiful and professional-looking website, rather than paying for someone else to create it for you. You also get the ability to quickly update your pages without any technical knowledge, but this does come at a price.


The service is currently in beta, and Picock thus requires an invite to sign up. You can request an invite on the website, but be aware the service is currently quoted at costing €44 per month before tax.


  • Create beautiful websites in record time, all tools provided with no installations required.
  • Create, edit and publish in a few clicks.
  • Responsive designs mean compatibility with mobile devices too.
  • Currently beta, premium service charged monthly.

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