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PicMonkey Offers Powerful Design and Photo Editing Tools for Everyone

Christian Cawley 24-06-2019

Looking for an online image editing suite with Photoshop-like tools, social media profile templates, and online collaborative features? And one that’s easy to use as well?

No, really, it exists! After looking at the new features launched by PicMonkey, we’re impressed with what’s on offer. Want to know more? Here’s what you can do with PicMonkey, which you can test out now with a free trial.

What Can I Do With PicMonkey?

Graphic editing with PicMonkey

PicMonkey is a feature-packed collection of graphic design and photo editing tools. But don’t just take our word for it. PicMonkey’s features include:

  • Browser-based graphic design package
  • Frames, textures, and themes
  • Easy export tool
  • Hundreds of fonts
  • Themed collections of fonts, frames, textures, and other elements
  • Template library for everything from collages to social banners
  • Collaboration tools (a first for this space): shared folders, simultaneous editing, and commenting

With these tools, you’re set up to complete even the most complex graphic design tasks. Whether you want to create new images, edit photos, add Instagram stories, or pimp your Facebook page, PicMonkey has the tools you need.

Need a Social Banner? Try PicMonkey

Social network banners and profile pics are increasingly important. They’re also tricky to create without the right dimensions and a halfway competent art or graphic design package. Thankfully, PicMonkey has you covered.

Design Twitter profile headers with PicMonkey

The app has a collection of templates for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Twitch, Tumblr, Twitter, and YouTube available. These are all designed to perfectly fit as covers, profile images, and similar. In addition, PicMonkey provides templates for Pinterest, Etsy, and popular online ad formats.

PicMonkey offers Facebook and other social network templates

It doesn’t end there; you’ll also find templates for Apple Books and Kindle book covers. Along with templates, you can also choose from blank canvasses, set to the correct size.

All this means that you can efficiently handle the sometimes-necessary artistic projects you encounter in online life. For example, when you need to whip up a Facebook banner, simply load the banner, drop the images you want to include, and manipulate them. When your banner is done, export it, then upload to Facebook.

Looking for a Collaborative Design Tool?

What if you need to work on a design with a friend or colleague? Until now, you had to rely on old-fashioned email (and all of its file size limitations) or Dropbox, which is quick to let you know when you’ve already run out of space.

With PicMonkey Collaboration, there’s a better way. If you need inspiration fast and want input in real-time, these features are for you. It’s a bit like Google Docs for design: invite coworkers or contractors into your Share Space, and each of you can view, edit, and comment—all in real-time.

You can set different access levels (Editor, Viewer, etc.) just like Google Docs. And with PicMonkey’s unlimited cloud storage, you’ll never run out of room.

PicMonkey has launched online collaboration tools

PicMonkey has recently introduced of a trio of collaborative features. These let you and your colleagues work even better together.

  • Shared Spaces: Create spaces and folders of images to share with others. You can then invite others into your shared space for viewing or commenting.
  • Edit images with others in real-time. This lets you work on important tweaks right with your colleagues.
  • Comment on images. Suggest revisions, tweaks, and other changes for the designer to consider.

Throw in PicMonkey’s other features, and you’ve got an online graphic design package that can revolutionize the way you work. This is big.

Editing Photos With PicMonkey

One of PicMonkey’s greatest strengths is photo editing. You can upload photos from your device, drag them into the browser window, or import them from a cloud account.

You might, for example, simply plan to add some sort of Instagram-style filter effect to your photos. But PicMonkey can tweak a photo to take it from a near-disaster to a memorable moment. As you’ll see in this image, it packs tools to aid in fixing a wonky shot. You can do so by rotating the original and cropping to the subject.

Edit photos in your browser with PicMonkey

Sharpen, burn, clone, and many more tools are available to repair and enhance your photographs in PicMonkey.

Learn More via PicMonkey’s Resource Center

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the tools at your fingertips. With so much on offer, the PicMonkey team has wisely provided resources to help you out. There’s no need to sit bewildered as you attempt your latest artistic endeavor; simply click the Learn link.

This opens a new tab, taking you to the Resource Center. Here, you’ll find various guides, such as PicMonkey 101, and tutorials for creating infographics and making a circle logo. Many more tutorials and tips are available as reference; you’ll find that a lot of these are accompanied by a corresponding YouTube video.

Like What You See? PicMonkey Is Affordable

While the free trial is feature-packed, it only lasts for seven days. This should be enough time for you to evaluate the software. To use PicMonkey long-term, you’ll need to sign up for one of the subscription packages.

Three PicMonkey subscriptions are available:

  1. Basic is $7.99, billed monthly, or $72.00 annually, saving you 25 percent.
  2. The Pro package is $12.99 a month, or $120.00 annually. This saves you 23 percent.
  3. Finally, the Team subscription is $33.99 monthly, or $300.00 annually. That’s a 26 percent discount, allowing you to share with three other users. If you have more than three in your team., greater discounts are available.

All packages offer cloud storage (1GB for Basic, unlimited for the others), export JPG and PNG files (PDF files are also supported in Pro and Team), as well as top-tier fonts, effects, templates, touch-up tools, and access to all features via the mobile app.

Then there is the collaborative side. All subscription levels support creating folders to share, editing images in real-time with others, and commenting. Higher subscription options, meanwhile, deliver more features.

Pro packages get priority email support and the ability to upload your own fonts. Team subscriptions get all this, plus discounts for three or more users and permission management.

PicMonkey: Top Graphic Editing and Collaborative Tools

By now you should know enough about PicMonkey to decide if it’s the graphical tool for you. The obvious advantage of a browser-based tool means that you can use it on almost any device. Whether you use a traditional desktop, laptop, or Chromebook computer, you can create, edit, and collaborate on images with PicMonkey.

Its mobile app support lets you work from a phone or tablet, while the affordable packages suit all levels of use.

In short, PicMonkey is the online artistic collaboration tool that you’ve been looking for. Check it out today to sign up for a free trial and find out for yourself.

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