Picmonkey: Sleek & Fast Photo Editor Running On Flash

Editing photos is one of the things we do on our computers, that has now effectively migrated to the cloud. Cloud-based photo apps let us have the newest filters, apply cool editing tricks, and keep everything simple such as the recently defunct but once great Picnik. Picmonkey is another flash-based photo editing tool with a gorgeous interface, powerful controls, and snappy implementation.

fast photo editor

When using Picmonkey, the first thing you will notice is how quick it is to use, considering that it is a flash app. If you have the latest flash plugin, and halfway decent PC, Picmonkey will fly. It includes all the basic tools like crop, rotate, exposure and more. Some cool effects include cross process, boost, dark edges, and frost.

While it does not have the awesome preset features of Picnik, the toolset is more than enough to create compelling photo edits. Once done, you can save the photo back to your computer.

PicMonkey is a great tool for anyone who needs to do quick photo edits. For simple manipulation it has more than enough features to match any basic desktop app.


Check out Picmonkey @ www.picmonkey.com

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  1. Dee Wheat
    July 16, 2012 at 6:39 pm

    OK....another one for me to play with! A brand new to photography guy who is a member of a photography site I belong to emailed me last week for free editing software sites because he, like me, is on a very limited income. I sent him the list I've compiled over time from here, and he was delighted. I turned him on to MUO, but I'll make sure he sees this one too.

    You know, you guys aren't just a treat for students and kids (I'm probably older than any two of you together LOL!) wanting to do stuff on the cheap.You're a true blessing to those of us who don't have the disposable income that we had at your ages and who greatly appreciate the things you find for us.