PicknZip: Download Your Photos From Facebook
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If you use Facebook, the chances are that you’ve uploaded a number of your photos to it, some of which are not backed up by you in a separate location. So if Facebook decides to block your account tomorrow, your photos are gone too. Hence a tool like Pick & Zip should be used now and then to download your Facebook photos. It lets you download your photos, albums and even the ones you were tagged in, in zipped format to your computer. Log in with Facebook, give permission and proceed.

download your photos from facebook

I think this is the first such tool that I’ve come across that lets you back up your tagged photos (ones which your friends uploaded) too. You can also make a selection of the best pictures and then download them.


  • Import your photos from Facebook.
  • You can also download the pictures you were tagged in.
  • A zipped file containing the photos is downloaded to your computer.
  • Similar tool: FacePAD.

Check out Pick&Zip @ www.picknzip.com

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