Pick ‘n Zip: Easily Download Entire Facebook Albums

Justin Pot 17-06-2010

Facebook’s a great place to put pictures you want your friends to see, but a terrible place for pictures you want your friends to download. Unless they know about Pick ‘N Zip, that is. This web app connects to your Facebook account and allows you to bulk download photos from Facebook. You can grab entire albums or even every photo tagged by a particular person.


To get started, just log in with Facebook. You’ll see the usual confirmation process before getting access to the app itself.

download entire facebook albums

Once you log in you’ll see a list of all your friends on the left side of the screen. You can then view all photos tagged of them, or all of the albums they’ve uploaded to Facebook. You can download entire albums as ZIP files, or select certain photos to package and download.

This is a great way to download sets of photos for wedding slideshows or other celebrations. It’s also a very useful way to backup the photos you yourself store on Facebook, in case you’re considering quitting Facebook altogether.

Of course, the image quality is identical to the images as seen on Facebook. Still, if you lost your backup of a set of photos you can consider this better than nothing.


download entire facebook photo album


  • Download entire facebook photo album.
  • Choose from all of your friends tagged pictures and albums.
  • Downloads come as ZIP files full of photos or a PDF.
  • Resolution identical to pictures as seen on Facebook.
  • Similar tools:  Facepad.

Check out Pick ‘n Zip @

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  1. Kornfeend
    July 23, 2010 at 10:00 pm

    I've tried this on three different computers and it definitely doesn't work at all, let alone as advertised. Skip it.