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Azim Toktosunov 29-03-2009

PicFindr is a stock photography search engine that lets you simultaneously search on several free stock photography websites such as Freerance, DreamsTime, Stock.xchng, GimpSavvy, FreeDigitalPhotos, Flickr… etc. The search results can be filtered by permitted use and attribution requirements.


stock photography search engine

Appart from searching for royalty-free images that can be freely used for personal or educational purpose, PicFindr can also search for images that can be used for commercial purpose without any permission or credit.


  • Search multiple free stock photography websites at once.
  • Supported sites are: Freerance, DreamsTime, ImageAfter, Stock.xchng, GimpSavvy, FreeDigitalPhotos, PDphoto, FreePhotosBank, MayFlower, Flickr and more.
  • Search images by permitted use and attribution requirements.
  • Instantly preview image thumbnails.
  • Free, no registration needed.

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  1. Rick Englert
    April 2, 2009 at 9:28 am

    Thank you, makeuseof team, for reviewing! I hope you find it a useful resource, as I created it to meet a real need I had in my web development efforts. If I may, I'd like to pass on some more info that's not immediately obvious:
    1. Changing the "copyright/left options" changes the list of sites PicFindr searches, since, for example, some sites only offer photos free for educational or church use, and some (like Flickr) *require* attribution (that you display a photo credit or link along with the photo). In addition, educational and church users can go directly to and worship., which is the same thing as selecting the permitted use option.
    2. PicFindr very often returns more than 1 page of results but the page buttons are in a terrible location, under the search options box instead of inline with the search results - sorry about that. That will be fixed eventually...
    3. In the search results, the two buttons next to each site's logo (magnifying glass and "i") will take you to that site's search results page (where the thumbnails came from) and terms of use page so you can quickly see what that site requires from you when you use their photos. I recommend you always check that until you're familar with the terms of each site, because they're all slightly different and subject to change.
    Thanks again for the review and I hope you find PicFindr a valuable resource that you'll use often and tell your friends and colleaugues about.

    Rick Englert