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TehseenBaweja 01-04-2011

We all get stuck sometimes while writing or saying a phrase because we cannot remember that one word. PhraseUp is a tool that ends your frustration by completing sentences and phrases for you. Simply enter the words you remember and put an asterisk * sign for each missing word.


PhraseUp will then show you a number of words that completes your sentence. You can click on any of those words to see a definition and even examples of how the word could be used in a sentence. It works for idioms and proverbs, as well as for regular every day sentences. It can also work as an adjective finder by presenting words that describe your noun. The tool has a dead simple interface with a great functionality.

words to complete sentences


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  1. Fatemefahimi
    May 17, 2011 at 10:29 am

    [A guy is sitting
    at his desk and his boss comes in and drops a huge pile of papers on his desk.
    The guy looks dejected.]

    COMMERCIAL VOICEOVER: Can't get the monkey off your back? Then put it in your

    [A monkey jumps on the desk and hands the guy a beer. He opens the beer and is
    suddenly on the beach, in a hammock, with beautiful women all around.]

    COMMERCIAL VOICEOVER: ...With MonkeyShine Beer. [MonkeyShine theme] MonkeyShine
    Beer, 'cause it's a jungle out there.]

    [Camera pans back from the TV to show the gang watching.]

    ROSS: That commercial always makes me so sad.

    JOEY: Yeah, but then the guy opens his beer and those girls run at him, so,
    everything seems to work out OK.

    ROSS: I meant because the monkey in it reminds me of Marcel.

    PHOEBE: I can see that, 'cause they both have those big brown eyes and, ya
    know, the little pouty chin.
    MONICA: And the fact that they're both monkeys.

    ROSS: Sometimes I wonder if I did the right thing, ya know, giving him away.

    RACHEL: Oh, Ross, you had to, I mean, he was humping everything in sight. I
    mean, I have a Malibu Barbi that will no longer be wearing white to her

    ROSS: Remember when sometimes he'd borrow your hat, and, and when you got it back there'd be little monkey raisins in it.

    CHANDLER: Yeah, well sure, when he did it, it was funny. When
    I did it to my boss's hat. . . all of the sudden I have this big attitude