Photoshop-To-FTML: Convert PSD Files To Flash Without Any Coding
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Website creators often use Photoshop to create PSD files that help visualize site layouts and designs. Once the design is complete, developers turn to the tedious task of coding and implementing their designs. This lengthy process is made much shorter by a new tool called “Photoshop to FTML” – a script that converts PSD files directly to Flash websites.

convert psd files to flash

Photoshop to FTML is a tool that eliminates the lengthy task of coding and converts PSD files directly into Flash websites. You start by downloading the ZIP archive available on the Photoshop to FTML website; this archive contains a Photoshop script. You then open your PSD file and run the script you downloaded. The script is executed and your website’s required files are generated.

psd files to flash


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