PhotoBeamer: An Easy Way To Share Photos With A Nokia Lumia Device

Dave LeClair 11-12-2012

As mobile phone owners, we are always looking for new and exciting ways to share photos with friends or loved ones. Gone are the days of taking pictures to a local pharmacy to get them developed and then ordering duplicates to send to friends and family. Instead, we use apps and social media to share pictures with everyone we know.


Nokia has developed a new way of sharing photos in real-time with friends and loved ones using a new app called PhotoBeamer. It’s easy to use, and it shares photos in a really cool way.

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To start with, you will need to install PhotoBeamer to your supported Nokia Lumia device. From the app, users can choose photos they want to share. Once selected, users visit the PhotoBeamer website on the device on which they wish to see the shared photos. The site will generate a QR code that is scanned onto the Nokia device. From then on, the device will be able to scroll through photos being shared in real-time.


Essentially, this app creates a photo projector that makes it easy to see photos being shared. Instead of plugging in cables to share the pictures, it creates a wireless connection that can be accessed any time there is a Wi-Fi or cellular data connection available. It’s definitely an innovative app.


Unfortunately it only works on Nokia Lumia devices, so other Windows phones are left out of this one.


  • Easily share photos through a Lumia device.
  • Turns your device into an always on photo projector.
  • Simple QR code needed to connect devices.
  • Supports only Lumia phones.

Find PhotoBeamer @ the Windows Phone Store

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