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The Best Phone Watch for Kids: GPS Trackers and Smartwatches

Brent Dirks Updated 17-12-2019

Today’s world is a scary place for parents raising younger children. Moms and dads are always concerned about the general safety and security of their kids.


Many give older children a smartphone so they’ll know exactly where they can always communicate with them. But providing an expensive iPhone or Android device to a younger child is problematic for several reasons.

That’s why many parents are turning to smartwatches designed specifically for children. These wearables provide GPS tracking and phone call support too.

Here are great phone watches for kids that provide peace of mind to parents.

1. Relay

Relay kids GPS deviceWhile the Relay isn’t a watch, it provides many of the same features in a more flexible form factor. The 4G LTE device combines the functionality of a walk-talkie and traditional cell phone. To keep in contact, kids can press the center button on the Relay to talk to their parent’s smartphone with the companion app.

You can also allow your kids to contact friends or family with another Relay. In the event of an emergency, they can activate and SOS alert to notify you and automatically begin a chat session. You can also use the app to set specific geofencing zones and receive a notification when the Relay enters and leaves the area.


The Channel Store allows you to add extra functionality to the device and allow kids to hear a daily joke and more. There are a wide variety of color choices for a child’s Relay. Optional accessories allow the Relay to be worn on an armband or carabiner and lanyard. The service costs $10 per month.

2. TickTalk 3.0

TickTalk 3.0 TickTalk 3.0 Buy Now On Amazon $169.99

Designed for kids ages four to 12, the TickTalk 3.0 is water-resistant and can withstand a rainstorm or a drop in the pool. One of the best features of the watch is the FaceTalk option that allows parents to make video calls with their kids via the companion smartphone app.

The watch also works like a regular cell phone. Your kids can make calls using a built-in keypad on the watch. With the firewall feature on, the watch can only make or receive phone calls from preset contacts and emergency services. There is also a messaging feature. Just like a smartphone, the TickTalk 3.0 also features a camera so your kids can capture videos and photos.


You can view the accurate location of your children both indoors and outside in real-time. A historical route feature will show where they’ve been by selecting the specific date and time frame. And with the unique Super Hearing feature, parents can listen in on everything that’s going on around the watch.

TickTalk’s partnership with RedPocket allows parents to use a $10 prepaid monthly plan. You can also add a new line to a GSM carrier, including AT&T, T-Mobile, and Cricket Wireless. There are two different colors of the watch to select from; black or white. You can also purchase optional replaceable wrist bands for more customization.

3. DokiPal

DokiPal Kids GPS watchThe DokiPal is a full-featured smartwatch and phone for kids aged five and up, The color display is protected by Gorilla Glass, and the entire watch is water-resistant. A standout feature is an integrated AI voice assistant that recognizes your kid’s voice and provides appropriate answers to questions.

Along with being able to make and receive voice calls from specific contacts, you can start a video call session using the companion smartphone app. There’s also an option to send your children messages, emojis, and photos. With the app, you can view a their exact location at any time. In the case of an emergency, an SOS button will automatically inform you and send a 60-second sound recording of what’s happening around the watch.


There are also a number of other additional features perfect for younger children. A scheduler feature notifies your children of tasks and events which you’ve entered into the app. A fitness tracking function will count steps and other activity too. There are two different colors of the watch to select from; pink or blue. You’ll need to provide your own SIM card, though. The watch is compatible in the United States with AT&T, Cricket Wireless, and T-Mobile.

4. Wizard Watch for Children

Wizard Watch for ChildrenOne of the best features of the Wizard Watch for Children is Take Me Home mapping. This provides your kids step-by-step directional mapping to home, so they won’t get lost while out and about.

With the companion app, you can create an approved caller list of contacts that your child can communicate with. You can also create GPS geofencing area to inform them of a safe area or somewhere to avoid. It’s also easy to see a real-time GPS location of the watch.

Like other models, the watch allows your kids to make and take phone calls. It’s also possible to send and receive voice and text messaging. A one-touch SOS button will automatically dial an emergency contact. The watch is also able to track activity alongside steps taken. You can select from one of five different colors of the watch. The Wizard Watch for Children service is $15 per month.


5. Burst GPS Phone Watch

Burst GPS Phone Watch Burst GPS Phone Watch Buy Now On Amazon $129.00

The Burst GPS Phone Watch features an unlimited service plan for $15 per month (or a discounted $149 annually). Your kids can send and receive phone calls and quick voice messages from up to 16 safe numbers. You can view the location of your child too, and it updates every minute and you’re even able to set specific safe zones. You’ll see a notification when the watch leaves or enter the specific location.

Along with the location history, you can use the smartphone app to activate a Find My Watch mode that will automatically cause the device to start beeping. The battery can provide up to 48 hours of use on a single charge. A pink, blue, or black version is available to purchase.

The Best Phone Watch for Kids

Instead of hoping that a younger child can keep up with a smartphone, these phone watch options for kids can help parents easily keep track of their young ones and even give them a call. If they can handle the responsibility of a smartwatch, it should make giving them a smartphone even easier. Check out the best rugged laptops for kids if you decide they aren’t ready for a watch yet.

Once you’ve got your children equipped with the best phone watch, you might want a wrist-worn device for yourself. If you enjoy running, you’ll definitely want to check out the the best running watches The 7 Best Running Watches for Tracking Your Exercise Need an exercise watch to track your fitness? These options are ideal whether you're a fitness fanatic or new to regular exercise. Read More , too.

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  1. kimberly braud
    January 7, 2019 at 3:47 pm

    The Burst GPS is the worst watch ever! extremely difficult to deal with. took 2 weeks to get in touch with a customer service rep in order to try to get it to work. Then, as they're walking me through it over the phone, I realize how difficult the actual watch is. I have to get tweezers out to get the sim card out... i have to use a push pin to reset it... They asked me to turn off the watch and it wouldn't even turn off. Then, they tell me it takes up to 2 minutes for a text message to come through...I have to go outside in order to even receive a signal...and I can't send it back. My 7 year old saved up her money for over 6 months to buy this watch. What a disastrous experience AND a terrible product!

  2. Kerry
    August 15, 2018 at 1:44 am

    I agree completely with the previous comment. C'mon MUO, you're better than having to sink to publishing this kind of clickbait article. Even beyond the regurgitated, untested feature lists, DokiWatch isn't even being sold yet. That being the case, how can you possibly consider placing it in any kind of "Best Of" list?

    Seriously guys - get your act together.

  3. Kevo S
    July 5, 2018 at 9:23 am

    This is not a review of these products. They probably have never used any of them or they would know that some of them don't work very well. It's shame that people write stuff like this to sell you stuff that they care less if it is any good or not. They just want to make a quick buck at your expense.