Phone Suggesting Useless Apps? Put a Stop to It Now
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Android Marshmallow is here, and even if your device hasn’t been updated yet, you can get the best features without the upgrade. One new built-in app with some changes is the Google Now Launcher, which adds vertical scrolling and a search bar to your apps list.

However, the other new feature isn’t as popular. The new box at the top of the screen is Google’s supposedly intelligent way of bringing apps you use at a certain time of day to the forefront of your app drawer. With no set way to order these, you may find it an annoying waste of space. Let’s shut it off.

While using the Now launcher, long-press on some empty space to bring up the launcher menu. Choose Settings, and at the bottom of the screen you’ll see App Suggestions; go ahead and disable that. The app will warn you that apps will no longer appear at the top of your list if you do this – that’s exactly what we want, so confirm your choice!


Now you won’t have to deal with apps popping up when you don’t want them. If you liked this idea but not its implementation, look into Aviate, a launcher that changes throughout the day. Want a different homescreen altogether? Check out our showdown of the best Android launchers.

Do you like this feature or did you disable it? What’s your favorite Android launcher? Leave a comment and weigh in!

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