Phlook: Publish Interactive Images On Your Website Or Blog

Umar 26-09-2010

Making parts of your blog or website interactive is a great way to help visitors enjoy your site. Images are often published on sites as they are, without any interactive features. Phlook helps change that.


Phlook is a web service that makes your photographs on your blog / website interactive. After signing up for an account on the site, you upload your photographs. Next you get a code that you embed on your own site / blog. When visitors to your site hover their mouse pointer over these embedded images they will view a number of options.

Through these options they can tag notes to a photograph, zoom into the image, vote it up or down, track the photograph’s ownership, email the picture, and get its embeddable code.

interactive images

You can also use the service to sell your photographs. After taking its fee, Phlook transfers the amount you make to your PayPal account.


  • A user friendly website.
  • Lets you publish interactive pictures on your site.
  • Lets visitors to your site directly email the site images.
  • Lets visitors vote up / down images.
  • Lets visitors view image in their original resolution.

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