PeriodicVideos: Learn Periodic Table Easily With Videos

Learning and memorizing the periodic table of elements can be a very tedious and boring task. If you want to learn periodic table easily and not just memorize them blindly one by one, The Periodic Table of Videos is a great web resource for you. It is a website that compiles short educational videos providing some information and applications of the elements in the periodic table.

learn periodic table easily

The homepage of the website shows a periodic table of elements. Clicking on an element will bring you to the video page of that element. In addition to the elements in the periodic table, the site also features other videos about chemistry, road trips, news, and other science related stuff. The site creators also started a new series which they dubbed “The Molecular Videos” which is about various molecules and compounds.

memorize periodic table

This website is a great resource for any student who need a study boost in chemistry.


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