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Perfect Your English Speaking Skills With These 5 Udemy Courses

Saikat Basu 14-10-2016

Have you studied English for years, but still don’t speak or write it that well?


Like any language, English can be tricky even for the well-versed. You can be struck down mid-sentence by a grammar gaffe 9 Websites That Solve Dumb English Grammar Mistakes Instantly We all make grammar mistakes every now and then. The Internet comes to the rescue. Here are some websites that can help you avoid the grammar police. Read More or a pronunciation slip. The difference between “lit” and “lighted” might be clouding your judgement. Well, that is the normal pitfall of learning English. Don’t let it pull you down. There are wonders galore when you start to fall in love with words and the sentences which string them together.

Picking the right course to learn is the second best way of learning a language, right after immersing yourself in the culture which speaks it. So, let’s head that way with a motley of online lessons.

Every week we highlight some of the best paid courses on Udemy. Today, we pick up the language we often take for granted and shore it up with improvements.

1. English Grammar Refresher

Discover — Little tricks or hints to help remember verb tenses.

Skill Level — Intermediate.


English Grammar Refresher

In everyday conversation, we use tenses to say what happens when. It is easy to misuse a verb and place it at the wrong time.

Hop onto this grammar course if you have completed elementary or beginner-level English. In two hours, you will learn the subtle differences between the English tenses and when to choose one over the other. For instance: when should you use the past simple versus the present perfect. Start with some of the common verb tenses and then move on to less frequent ones. Each of the 24 lectures are supported with practice quizzes.

The course is not for complete beginners. The instructions also mention that this course does not address exceptions to tense rules. But the primer has enough depth to give you a firm grasp of conversational English.


2. Easy Grammar 101: Your Foundation for Better English

Discover — The essential recipe for clean writing.

Skill Level — Beginners.

Easy Grammar

The course introduces itself with this truth: When it comes to writing, there’s never a second chance to make that first impression.


Today, any writing needs to beat back lack of attention with brevity and clarity. These two are the pillars of conversational or even business writing How You Can Master Business English with Free Lessons Do you want to learn and reinforce your use of business English? If you are looking for a competitve edge, there is bound to be a tool here to help you. Read More . Grammar is the foundation that helps prop up the written word by making it bolder, clearer and relevant. The 23 lectures will take you the better part of three hours to get through. Putting in the practice will take much longer. But in the end, it will help you become more confident about the written word. For instance, clauses are powerful building blocks for designing sentences for impact.

Try the course even if English is your first language. It could be a comprehensive refresher to becoming a better writer and speaker.

3. Advanced English Grammar

Discover — Advanced grammar skills for effective all-round communication.

Skill Level — Intermediate.


Advanced English Grammar

The Advanced English Grammar course is the lengthiest on the menu today. Nearly seven hours of course materials and 51 lectures will take you through basic vocabulary terminology to more advanced lessons on conditional clauses. Tenses are a strong part of the course followed by an entire section on modal verbs which behave whimsically in the English language. Some parts of the grammar course Stop For A Grammar Check: 4 Areas Where You Can Improve Your Spelling & Grammar Being a freelance writer or journalist isn't easy, particularly if you write in a language that isn't your mother tongue. Yet, many foreign speakers are tempted to write in English because it promises a greater... Read More also dig into the formal standards of British English.

Jake Wolinsky is an experienced teacher who is well reviewed by the students who have taken the course. The course is neatly structured, though there seems to be a demand for more practice materials to support the lessons.

4. English Punctuation Made Easy

Discover — The importance of punctuation.

Skill Level — Beginner.

English Punctuation

We know that a single comma can make an entire sentence veer off course. An apostrophe can befuddle. Punctuation is to grammar what beams are to the structure of a house. They both are different but you cannot get grammar right without putting the right mark in the right place. And as you will see, punctuation can be deceptive.

So, this brief course has all the strategies to get punctuation just right. Forty-three minutes shouldn’t tax you much.

5. Master Memorization & Break Vocabulary Barrier

Discover — How to retain all that you study.

Skill Level — All levels.

Master Memorization

This short course is not only about English. But it is about a vital cog of any learning — how do you remember all that you study?

The lessons focus on increasing the quality and quantity of your vocabulary Vocabulary Challenged? Try 8 Things On To Improve Your English and its resources make it almost a portal that takes you on a journey of word discoveries. Word has it that it is probably the most frequented of online dictionary and reference sources on... Read More . So, you can apply the memorization tools and techniques to whatever you learn on the English language. A good knowledge of grammar without a good vocabulary will limit your expression. So, begin by understanding how your brain processes information and how you can create new memory islands.

The lessons also might help you discover how you learn best and the ways you can use that to boost your recall. The challenge at the end is to learn 100+ new words a day to improve your fluency in any language. Not just English.

Plain Speaking With English

Whether you are a student, traveler, or a professional, learning English can be a rewarding journey. But you have to take a greater responsibility to go through the grind and pick up the basics. English is the language of the world and so there is no dearth of resources. You can pick up a book or go online and take the benefits of English language learning tools Write More Good: 7 Free Online Tools To Ensure You Use Proper English Improper use of English is one of my pet peeves. I’m not a full-blown "grammar nazi" (a colloquialism for someone very strict with grammar) but it does irk me. An exception can be made for... Read More . Lethargy could be the only thing holding you back.

Try any one of these five courses. Remember, every paid course on Udemy comes with:

  • Lifetime access.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Certificate of completion.

If English is a second language for you, tell us about your learning journey. Did you learn it outside school?

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