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Why It Doesn’t Matter If You Hate Apple

Harry Guinness 26-09-2016

Every time Apple releases a new product, the world pays attention. The tech media devotes tens of thousands of words to it. We write articles on all the new features Everything You Need to Know About the iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus No headphone port, water and dust resistance, and Apple's best camera yet -- this is the iPhone 7. Read More , justifying criticisms No Stereo Jack, No Problem: Why the iPhone 7 Sounds Great It's official -- Apple has removed the standard 3.5mm headphone jack on the iPhone 7. But don't worry, this is a good thing. Read More , and anything else we can think of Why You Might Want to Skip the iPhone 7 & Wait for the iPhone 8 2017 marks ten years of iPhones, and rumor has it that Apple has something very special planned. Read More . Even the regular media starts paying attention. Almost every old school TV news station runs a bit on the new iPhone.


No other tech company gets the same level of coverage. Sure we’ll review Samsung’s latest phones Galaxy S7 Edge Review and Giveaway Samsung's back again with some new smartphones: the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge. It's still a premium device with uniquely curved edges, but should you consider upgrading? Read More and report when they start blowing up Samsung Recalls the Galaxy Note 7, Google Kills Project Ara... [Tech News Digest] Samsung recalls the Galaxy Note 7 over faulty batteries, Google shelves Project Ara, Apple is removing dysfunctional apps from iTunes, Instagram adds pinch-to-zoom, and why YouTubers are freaking out right now. Read More , but we don’t spend hundreds of words waxing lyrical about the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge’s display.

And there’s one simple reason: people care more about Apple.

People Care About Apple

Media is a business. MakeUseOf is no exception. We make money through ads, affiliate links, and working with companies. This should come as no surprise to any of our long time readers. By now, we (collectively) have a pretty solid idea of what sort of articles our audience will read and what they’ll ignore. Sure, an article we thought would be average blows up and one we thought was a sure thing tanks from time to time, but for the most part, we’re pretty good at predicting what our readers read.

Every other media company out there, whether it’s your local news station or a huge website, is in the same position. They’ve tried different things, they have thousands of data points, and they now have a good idea what people want. The answer: people want articles about Apple.

This isn’t to say that everyone’s a fan. There are plenty of people who dislike Apple out there and they’re some of the most avid readers when it comes to Apple. They read the articles and then post scathing comments at the end. To our advertisers, a click is a click.


Howard Blair Comment at MakeUseOf

We don’t set out to infuriate people deliberately. We try to make sure all our content is useful to our readers — the Apple critics weighing in is just a byproduct of that — but other websites aren’t so principled. They know that any piece on Apple, regardless of what stance it takes, is a sure bet.

So why is this happening? Why do people care so much about Apple? Sure Samsung has fans, but most people are fairly ambivalent. In our experience, Apple fans rarely start arguments on Android comment threads.

Apple Stands for Something

The biggest thing is that Apple stands for something. You don’t have to like what it stands for, but it does stand for something. Most other tech companies don’t.


Apple stands for things like great design, creativity, luxury, simplicity, and innovation. You might not like Apple, but you can’t deny that they put a lot of thought into their designs. They make the primary computer of the creative industry, they make luxury products, they prioritize simplicity, and that, historically, they’ve been incredibly innovative 7 Technologies Apple Shunned to Make the World a Better Place The iPhone 7 is here and it's missing a headphone port. The internet is up in arms about the news, but it's hardly the first time the company has pulled such a stunt. Read More .

If this sounds like Apple propaganda, it is. Only the company can decide what it stands for and communicate that to consumers through their products, advertising, and identity. Only Apple releases videos where their head designer spends two and a half minutes talking about how they made the latest phone black.

So let’s look at their main competitor in the smartphone space, Samsung. What does Samsung stand for? Honestly, I can’t really tell you. Samsung makes some premium phones but it also makes some of the cheapest Android devices you can buy. There’s a big difference between a Galaxy S7 and a Galaxy J3.

The phone division is also just one small part of a massive conglomerate. It’s hard for a company that makes phones, fridges, medical devices, ships, and buildings to have a unifying philosophy. They’re just too diversified.


If you don’t stand for something, you stand for nothing and people don’t care. Samsung’s successful business strategy stops people caring about what they do.

Apple Makes Great Products

All Apple’s lecturing on values would be meaningless if their products didn’t back them up, but they do. Apple makes great products.

I’ve written before about recognizing that your needs aren’t the only needs out there Your Apple/Android/Windows Hatred Is Irrelevant, Give It Up Getting upset because someone is buying something you're not interested in benefits no one – so why do we get mad anyway? Read More . You might not like Apple products, and you might think that the iSheep are all crazy. The truth is that for a lot of people, Apple makes the best products going. For a few years, The Verge even recommended the MacBook Air as the best Windows laptop.

I’m a tech writer. I’ve tried Android, I’ve tried Windows, I’ve even tried some Linux distros. None of them are as good a fit for me as iOS and macOS. It’s the same for plenty of other people.


If you want iOS and macOS, you have to buy Apple. You can’t just get a phone from another manufacturer. With Android or Windows, it’s not the same. Samsung users can swap to HTC on a whim. If people can drop a product in an instant and get the same experience elsewhere, they won’t care about the company making it. Apple’s strategy leads to loyal customers.

Apple Drives Innovation

People care about Apple products because they’re the future. Sure, other companies might get there first but Apple usually gets it right, and makes something big. When they get it wrong (Apple Maps anyone?) even that makes headlines. How long do you think it will take Samsung to release a phone with a wide-angle and a telephoto lens? How long do you think it will take Apple to put an Edge display on an iPhone?

MP3 players, smartphones, tablets, and ultrabooks were all invented before Apple got there, but they took the basic idea and did it right. When Apple releases a product it matters. Even the Apple Watch, considered a flop by the tech press Customize Your Facebook News Feed, Apple Watch Is a Flop, & More... [Tech News Digest] Facebook feeding frenzy, Apple Watch fails, Apple operating system betas, Flix Plus improves Netflix, Logitech dumps tech, and the best reaction to winning an Xbox One of all time. Read More , sold in huge numbers. Apple is a larger watch manufacturer than Rolex now.

The future intrigues people. They want to see what’s coming next. Apple shows them. Other companies innovate as well, but not as reliably, and they don’t get the same rates of adoption. If every phone now had an edge screen, people might be paying more attention to Samsung. But they don’t.

Do You Care About Apple?

It boils down to the fact that Apple takes a stance. Their products make a statement. Other tech companies that make statements, like Google and Uber, also get a lot of coverage. It’s the companies that produce acceptable, bland, or a wide range of unrelated products that people ignore. Most Android manufacturers fall into one or more of these categories.

So now commenters, it’s the opportunity you’ve all been waiting for!

What do you think about Apple? Do you care or do you think anyone who buys their products is an iSheep? Let us know in the comments.

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    Apple is a disgusting company, when I am king, I will run Apple out of the UK. They can take their overpriced slave made crap with them.