Pentagram: Find Out What Type You Are
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How much significance can you attach to type? Does Gotham signify certain personality traits that Gilli Sans doesn’t? What are those and how are they related? Pentagram is a fun little video-based tool that lets you find out. It helps you answer the question “What Type Are You?” by asking certain personality trait questions and in the end providing a recommendation.

Take the test and see if your type face accurately represents your personality. The tool has been put together after seven years of academic research and the results, though controversial at times, are usually claimed to be quite true. The catchy background music and the character in video makes it even more interesting. In the end, you can also read about other types and see how popular your type is.

what type you are


  • See what type you are.
  • Fun little video-based test.
  • See popular types and read more about each.
  • No registration required.

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