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PeerPressure For Goals Helps You Get Things Done With A Little Help From Your Friends [iOS]

Dave LeClair 10-01-2013

peer pressure appSetting goals is great, but accomplishing them is the real test we all face. This time of year, everyone is setting New Year’s resolutions 3 Tactics To Really Make Your New Year's Resolutions Stick New Years Resolutions are generally well intentioned attempts to kickstart ourselves into learning something new, losing weight, or saving money. Realistically though, they’re exceptional if they aren’t forgotten by February. But seriously now, let’s make... Read More , but let’s be realistic, many people will never actually pull off their resolutions. They seem to be one of those things we tell ourselves we will do, but in reality, we never really intend to complete them. Why not make this year the one you actually go hard for that resolution? Whether you are looking to quit smoking Quit Smoking By Yourself With These 5 Websites Quitting smoking will change your life and could potentially save it too. Unfortunately it's easier said than done. Cigarettes are highly addictive, which is why quitting tends to involve a process rather than just suddenly... Read More , lose weight MyFitnessPal Calorie Counter - The Best Weight Loss App On The iPhone Everyone knows that losing weight is difficult. It requires a certain level of commitment that not everyone is prepared for. However, when you meet those weight loss goals, it is one of the most satisfying... Read More , or write that book How To Publish Your Own Book (In Print) Cheaply Read More you’ve been dreaming of, make this the year you achieve your goal. Why not get a little help from your friends to really push you in the right direction?


With the app PeerPressure For Goals, you create and monitor your progress in all kinds of tasks. Where this app differs from so many similar apps is that is offers you the ability to share your goals with friends, which will help you actually stay motivated to succeed. After all, accountability and pressure from others can be a huge motivator, and this app is built with that in mind.

PeerPressure For Goals is free from the App Store [No Longer Available], so there is no reason not to give it a try to see if it can help you make that New Year’s resolution a reality.


When you first boot up the app, it will take you through the process of creating a new goal. It’s a simple process, which means anyone can launch the app and get to monitoring their goals, and hopefully, succeeding.

peer pressure app

The first step is to choose the exact nature of the goal. The app has a giant list, so whatever it is you want to do will hopefully be there. This is nice because it gets the core options for the goal entered for you, which makes the process a little quicker. You can choose from the most popular goals via the first option, and if what you want is not there, you can scroll through the massive list of the categories and choose the goal that you want to make a reality.

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The goals are divided into two types within PeerPressure For Goals. The first uses graphs and has you chart your progress towards reaching a total number of some kind. The second type involves milestones that require you to hit certain marks after a certain amount of time. The app will automatically choose the kind that works best for the particular goal.

peer pressure iphone

Once you choose the goal, the app will have you enter specific parameters for it. For example, if you choose to do more of a hobby, it would ask you how many hours of the hobby you would like to do before a date of your choosing. This gives the option to make goals that are actually realistic for you.

peer pressure iphone

You will also select a peer group during the goal creation process. You can share your goals and progress with Twitter and Facebook. If you prefer to keep it a little more quiet, you can share the goals with only certain email addresses. This step is not optional, as the whole point of the app is to use motivation from your friends to complete a goal.

peer pressure app

Once you are finished, the goal will be saved, and you will have to come back and update your progress as you complete parts of the goal. To do this, click the update button and enter in how much of your goal you completed. You can type in a message, and when you are done, click “Submit” and it will be logged in the app and sent to people you selected during the goal creation process.


If you want this to be the year that you actually accomplish your New Year’s resolution, PeerPressure For Goals is the app for you. It will allow you to use motivation from the people who matter most to you to accomplish whatever you want. The app is easy to use, and it does one thing, and it does it well. Give it a try, and you might just find that the extra level accountability helps you achieve goals you never could before.

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