PDF To Excel Converter: Easily Convert PDFs To Excel For Easier Editing

Dave LeClair 09-02-2012

PDFs are awesome. They make documents look beautiful with full color graphics and crystal clear text that can easily be zoomed in or out, depending on the preferences of the reader. They can be printed or viewed right on the computer. The one thing that PDFs are not is editable. If you want to add information to a PDF file, it can be next to impossible unless you convert the PDF to another format.


Excel is a great choice for converting your PDFs and PDF to Excel Converter is an incredibly easy to use option for performing these conversions.

convert pdfs to excel

To have your PDF file converted to an easy to edit Excel file, you simply need to upload it to their website and give your email. Once the file is converted they will send you an email containing your Excel file. All you need to do is open this file in Excel and add any information you feel necessary. They make the process incredibly easy. They also make sure to accurately display tables they way they are in the PDF, so everything will stay as intended.


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  1. Anonymous
    February 25, 2016 at 8:16 am

    There are also other PDF to excel converters. We use Tabex for accurate PDF table extraction.