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New to PC Gaming? The Essential PC Gaming Accessories You Should Have

Gavin Phillips Updated 21-05-2020

PC gaming is different from console gaming. Console gamers typically spend money on specific gaming accessories, making sure they’re device compatible. Whereas, PC gamers can go wild with a huge range of options. Once you invest in a cockpit simulator or full sim-racing rig, there’s no turning back!

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    Whether you’re new to PC gaming or looking to level up your battle station, you should check out this guide to the best PC gaming accessories. Let’s start from the top: what are the essential PC gaming accessories that no gamer can do without?

    Entry-Level Gaming Mice

    When it comes to gaming, both your mouse and keyboard are essentials. A decent, responsive mouse can vary in price significantly. Plus, you don’t always get what you pay for. That said, your lousy trackball Dell mouse just won’t do for gaming. Here is a selection of decent budget mice that pack a punch.

    VicTsing MM057

    VicTsing MM057 VicTsing MM057 Buy Now On Amazon $10.99

    There are plenty of cheap mouse options available. Few are as highly favored as the VicTsing MM057. I prefer the minimal profile gaming mouse model (read: no lights), so this mouse was a cinch, style-wise. It has five adjustable DPI levels (2400, 2000, 1600, 1200, 800), an ergonomic design, and two customizable side-buttons, which are staples for any gaming mouse.

    If you’re interested in a flurry of flash as well, check out VicTsing’s Wireless Gaming Mouse. It’s essentially a fuller size with an extra DPI button, and red LED lighting.



    ROSEWILL NEON M55 ROSEWILL NEON M55 Buy Now On Amazon $19.99

    If RGB lighting is more your thing, check out the ROSEWILL NEON M55. The M55 is a highly rated budget gaming mouse with a decent ergonomic design. It features six adjustable DPI levels; 6000, 4000, 3000, 2400, 1600, and 800.

    There is also an optical gaming sensor to give you an edge in first-person shooters (FPS) and other fast-paced games. The NEON M55’s RGB lighting is customizable, as are the buttons on the mouse itself.

    Entry-Level Gaming Keyboards

    For beginner gaming, a decent keyboard is absolutely necessary. While all keyboards generally work the same, aspects like build quality, input lag, and customization all play important roles. Backlit keys, for example, are typically considered extraneous until you’re playing in a dark room. For our purposes, we’ll be focusing on all-around keyboard models.


    Redragon K552 Kumura

    Redragon K552 Kumura Redragon K552 Kumura Buy Now On Amazon $36.79

    The Redragon K552 Kumura is a mechanical keyboard that often surprises users with its quality. With a classic red backlight, Cherry MX Blue-style key switches, spill-resistance, and a minimal decal, few other keyboards match up to this one at this price point.

    Redragon K502 Karura

    Redragon K502 Karura Redragon K502 Karura Buy Now On Amazon $26.99

    The Redragon K502 Karura is a quiet keyboard that uses island-style Chiclet keys (rather than the clunky switches found on mechanical keyboards). The keys have less travel distance than a mechanical keyboard, too. Could that help your gaming performance?


    Gaming performance aside, the K502 Karura has six different RBG lighting modes, four backlight lighting levels, plus other adjustable lighting features. The keyboard itself is splash resistant (think spills, not plunging into the bathtub), and has some handy rollover media keys, too.

    Recommended PC Gaming Mice

    The first section covering mice was for standard though effective models. Honestly, you’ll do fine with one of those. However, you can always want more and aspire for a more exciting model with extra features.

    With gaming mice, you do tend to get a little extra when you splash a little more cash. Faster connections, more in-depth acceleration settings, higher-quality sensors, and a comfortable, ergonomic feel are absolutely necessary for a gaming mouse.

    Think about it; you’re going to use this mouse for thousands of hours’ worth of gaming, plus any other work you do on your computer. Why not grab a comfortable, powerful model?


    Razer DeathAdder v2

    Razer DeathAdder V2 Razer DeathAdder V2 Buy Now On Amazon $47.56

    The Razer DeathAdder V2 is the second iteration of the wildly popular DeathAdder gaming mouse. The DeathAdder V2 remains one of the top-selling PC gaming accessories, at least three years since its release. You can customize the DeathAdder V2 with Razer’s Chroma RGB lighting, supporting millions of color combinations.

    The mouse also has multiple sensitivity settings, ranging up to 20,000 DPI. The switches use Razer’s optical mouse light-based actuation, which means button presses register with extreme speed.

    Logitech G403 Hero

    Logitech G403 Hero Logitech G403 Hero Buy Now On Amazon $49.99

    Logitech continues to make fantastic, durable gaming mice. The Logitech G403 Hero is no different, carrying on that strong tradition. One thing to really like about the G403 Hero is the removable weights. The mouse weighs in at 87g, but also comes with 10g removable weight. If the mouse feels slightly too heavy, you can customize the weight to your preference.

    Aside from the weight, the G403 Hero uses Logitech’s Lightsync RGB system to provide a massive gamut of color, which you can extend across your other Logitech hardware. There is also up to 16,000 DPI, six customizable buttons, and a handy 2.1-meter USB cable.

    Corsair M65 Elite

    Corsair M65 Elite Corsair M65 Elite Buy Now On Amazon $53.89

    The Corsair M65 Elite is built with FPS-type games in mind, featuring an adjustable DPI sniper button. The extra button enables you to toggle between two preset DPI settings, allowing you greater precision for those precision shots.

    You’ll also find up to 18,000 DPI with six different custom presets, eight programable buttons, customizable mouse weights, plus a massive amount of RGB color customization through Corsair’s iCue software.

    Recommended PC Gaming Mouse Pads

    If your mouse pad doesn’t cover most of your desk’s surface, you’re using the wrong mouse pad. Some consider it trivial. That ends when they get one.

    LIEBIRD Extended XXL Gaming Mouse Pad

    LIEBIRD XXL Gaming Mouse Pad LIEBIRD XXL Gaming Mouse Pad Buy Now On Amazon

    The LIEBIRD Extended XXL’s map graphics and high-quality rubber base make it an excellent choice. A little geography lesson never hurt, either. There are several other options available, including almond blossoms and different world map designs.

    Tilted Nation Extended Gaming RGB Mouse Pad

    Tilted Nation Gaming RGB Mouse Pad Tilted Nation Gaming RGB Mouse Pad Buy Now On Amazon

    Are you looking to add more color to your gaming rig? The Tilted Nation RGB is a massive mousepad with edge-lit LEDs. The mousepad comes with seven different lighting modes or a standard RGB breathing option.

    Recommended PC Gaming Keyboards

    When keyboards are good, they’re really good. Unfortunately, they’re often also really expensive.  Here are a few essential keyboards which will last, feel incredibly comfortable, and won’t break the bank.

    Logitech G213 Prodigy

    Logitech G213 Prodigy Logitech G213 Prodigy Buy Now On Amazon $54.99

    Logitech’s keyboards are comparable in quality to their mice, and the G213 Prodigy is a trustworthy keyboard. Not only does this provide a classic chroma aesthetic, but keystrokes are also smooth and quick. The added built-in hand rest seals the deal.

    Corsair Gaming K55

    Corsair Gaming K55 Corsair Gaming K55 Buy Now On Amazon $62.25

    Corsair is at the top of the heap for gaming peripherals. It continually creates fantastic, slightly different products to fit particular budgets and interests. The K-Series is always a safe bet, including the Gaming K55 RGB keyboard. Six programmable keys, quick response, and a quiet clack make this one of the best keyboards you can get for the price. It’s highly popular for a reason.

    Razer Huntsman Elite

    Razer Huntsman Elite Razer Huntsman Elite Buy Now On Amazon $167.93

    Just like the Razer DeathAdder V2, the Razer Huntsman Elite is one of the top-selling gaming accessories in the US. The Huntsman Elite is built solidly and comes with an ergonomic arm-rest for extra comfort. The keyboard uses Razer’s optical light actuation to register keystrokes with incredible speed and accuracy

    Importantly for gamers, it also features 1000Hz ultrapolling for maximum response time. You can further customize the Huntsman Elite using Razer Hypershift, which lets you remap all keys and keypress combinations into special complex commands. Oh, and you can sync its RGB colors to the games you play through Razer Chroma. We’re big fans of the keyboard-based volume dial, too.

    Corsair K63 Compact

    Corsair K63 Compact Corsair K63 Compact Buy Now On Amazon $115.34

    If you’re building a battle station with limited space, the Corsair K63 Compact is for you. The K63 Compact does away with the Numpad and corresponding area, bringing you a compact but punchy mechanical gaming keyboard.

    Powering your games are the Cherry MX Red switches for maximum feedback, and you’ll enjoy the basic red LED lighting. The K63 Compact also features dedicated media and volume control buttons, which is always a nice additional feature.

    Recommended PC Gaming Headsets

    At some point, you’re going to want to talk to your friends, and maybe even your foes. Multiplayer gaming is all about communication, especially if you want to win. Plus, there is nothing like putting on your headphones and immersing yourself in the sounds of the game.

    HyperX Cloud Alpha

    HyperX Cloud Alpha HyperX Cloud Alpha Buy Now On Amazon $95.00

    The award-winning HyperX Cloud Alpha is an excellent headset to delve into the world of multiplayer comms. The headset comes with dual 50mm drivers for crisp audio delivery, padded ear cushions, and a handy inline audio control.

    The Cloud Alpha gaming headset also comes with a detachable noise-canceling microphone. You can position the microphone away from your mouth to stop any Darth Vadar microphone moments, knowing that your teammates will still hear you clearly.

    SteelSeries Arctis 7

    SteelSeries Arctis 7 SteelSeries Arctis 7 Buy Now On Amazon $196.90

    If you prefer a wireless headset, try the SteelSeries Arctis 7. Like the HyperX Cloud Alpha, the Arctis 7 is an award-winning headset. It promises up to 24-hours battery life, so should outlast your gaming sessions.

    The SteelSeries Arctis 7 also features DTS Headphone: X v2, which is a type of spatial sound technology. When you’re in-game, all of the sounds you hear will come from their actual location, rather than just a left or right channel. It creates an extra level of immersion and can help in games where your position is important.

    Adding to that, the Arctis 7 has a brilliant detachable noise-canceling microphone, which is also very highly rated.

    Blue Snowball USB Microphone

    Blue Snowball USB Microphone Blue Snowball USB Microphone Buy Now On Amazon $49.99

    If you already have a decent set of headphones, you could opt for a standalone USB microphone. The Blue Snowball is a great USB microphone with an integrated condenser that looks stylish on your desk.

    Recommended PC Gaming Monitors

    You might wonder why monitors didn’t feature in the Essentials section. Well, you likely already have a monitor. But you can level up your monitor to something more suiting PC gaming.

    You’re looking for two important details for a gaming monitor: savings per inch and IPS (In-Plane Switching). IPS displays will not warp the image on your screen given the viewing angle. Typical TN (Twisted Nematic) displays will.

    There is some debate as to whether IPS monitors are better for gaming. Those who don’t agree tend to point to other technologies, such as AMD’s FreeSync, that can also make a difference to your gaming experience. However, few regret opting for an IPS panel, so it is something to consider within your battle station budget.

    PC gamers, rejoice! The monitor market is extremely competitive, so you’ll find excellent quality PC gaming monitors for all budgets.


    ASUS VP249QGR ASUS VP249QGR Buy Now On Amazon $229.99

    Why choose between FreeSync and IPS when you could have both? The ASUS VP249QGR is a 23.8-inch 144Hz Full-HD IPS panel. The 144Hz figure means the response and update time for the images on your monitor is fast. The fast refresh rate can help in certain types of games. At the very least, it can help with playback.

    Acer R240HY

    Acer R240HY Acer R240HY Buy Now On Amazon $109.99

    Very few have been disappointed by an Acer monitor. The Acer R240HY IPS monitor provides a high-definition picture, crisp color quality, and 23.8 inches of glorious gameplay.

    Behind the scenes, the R240HY has a 4ms response time, a 60Hz refresh rate, and supports HDCP 1.4. Another nice touch is the almost bezel-less edging, using the Acer Zero Frame design.

    Sceptre C248B-144RN

    Sceptre C248B-144RN Sceptre C248B-144RN Buy Now On Amazon $154.97

    If you want something a little special, try the Sceptre C248B-144RN. It’s an entry-level 144Hz 24-inch curved gaming monitor that also features FreeSync. The C248B-144RN uses an edgeless design to maximize your screen real-estate. For the price point and the quality on offer, you could do a lot worse than the Sceptre C248B-144RN.

    Recommended PC Gaming Chairs

    Gaming chairs are sort of like solid-state drives: they don’t seem necessary until you get one. Then, you’ll wonder how you functioned without it.

    Keep in mind that your gaming chair is a matter of comfort, not flash. While some awesome chairs may seem expensive compared to most gaming peripherals, a comfortable $300 chair that lasts you ten years costs $30 a year.

    Consider your seat an investment.

    IKEA Markus Swivel Chair

    ikea markus office chair

    If you didn’t know about this chair before, you’re in luck now. The IKEA Markus Swivel Chair is comfortable, ergonomic, and critically acclaimed online. Comparatively speaking, it’s also inexpensive. Your back will thank you.

    Furmax Office Chair

    Furmax Office Chair

    On the lower-budget end, the Furmax Office Chair is almost unmatched. If you can’t spend much and are suffering on a kitchen seat, get this chair. The added gaming colorways also allow for some customization.

    OFM Essentials Collection Gaming Chair

    OFM Essentials Gaming Chair

    The OFM Essentials Collection Gaming Chair is the number one selling gaming chair on Amazon. It combines stylish soft leather with an ergonomic design for maximum comfort. You can spend hours gaming in this chair without experiencing backaches or otherwise.

    Useful USB Device Adapters

    An adapter is a USB device that allows for wireless capabilities between devices and PCs. That includes both mouse/keyboard options and gaming controllers.

    TP-Link Archer T3U

    TP-Link AC1300 Wi-Fi Adaptor

    The TP-Link Archer T3U is a dual-band USB Wi-Fi adapter. You plug the T3U into a USB slot on your PC, creating the option to connect to your home Wi-Fi network. The T3U is a dual-band Wi-FI adapter, which means you can connect to both 2.4GHz and 5GHz connections.

    The T3U can provide speeds up to 400Mbps on the 2.4GHz band and up to 867Mbps on the 5GHz band.

    Plugable Bluetooth Adapter

    Plugable Bluetooth USB Adaptor

    Another best-seller, the Plugable Bluetooth Adapter has been used by thousands of people to add Bluetooth connectivity. After purchase, you can use your PC for speakers, controllers, remotes, mouses, keyboards, and more.

    Other PC Gaming Accessories

    Now that you’re getting into gaming, chances are you’re going to start taking quality into consideration. The following PC gaming accessories will help turn your gaming hobby into a gaming experience.

    Xbox One Controller

    Xbox Wireless Controller

    The Xbox One Controller is an excellent handheld gamepad for PC gaming. It pairs easily with Windows, and almost all games these days support the Xbox controller out of the box. Furthermore, there’s often retrospective support for older games via patches and other workarounds.

    If you don’t fancy an Xbox One controller, you could always opt for the older Xbox 360 controller, which many would argue is the superior option.

    Sabrent 4-Port USB 3.0 Hub

    Sabrent USB Hub

    USB 3.0 ports at a premium? Try the Sabrent 4-Port USB 3.0 Hub to increase your connectivity options, at least for your USB PC gaming accessories.

    The Sabrent model is great because you have individual indicators for each USB port, letting you know the status of the connection. Plus, the LEDs add another nice level of color to your battle station. Win-win, really.

    The Best PC Gaming Accessories, Summed Up

    There are oodles of choices between the various mice, keyboards, headphones, and other accessories you can use to game.

    You can pick a few unusual gaming accessories 7 Unusual Gaming Accessories to Consider Adding to Your Setup All you need to start gaming is the console and controller, but these unusual gaming accessories can make things more fun. Read More , too. Don’t forget to optimize your computer for gaming, and you’ll be all set.

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