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Social networking has given us a lot of avenues to promote and make business online. The power of word-of-mouth marketing is so strong that people value every tweet that talk about their product. Each tweet is a “social currency”, so much so that people are giving away stuff as long as people tweet about them. This is where PaywithaTweet is very useful.


This Twitter-based website is a form of payment system with no money involved. Instead, Twitter users can download free stuff by tweeting about them. This way, you can easily promote your products or services online.

Once you register, fill up all the necessary information needed about you and the product/service want to market. You will then be given a download button with the message and the URL to place in your tweets on your Twitter account. Thus, instead of paying with currency, you are paying with social advertising.


Pay With a Tweet is very useful for singers, artists, writers, publishers, business professionals, even scientists and service providers who need to create a buzz about their products and services, or show their portfolio online.



  • Get PaywithaTweet Download Button.
  • Promote you business by getting free tweets.
  • Free; no sign up required.
  • Easy to implement.

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