PastPosts: Find Out What Did You Post On Facebook A Year Ago
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People use Facebook to connect with friends and share interesting online videos, pictures, and articles. As a result, your wall becomes a wonderful collection of friends’ messages and online links. Here to show you interesting Facebook activity from a year ago is a web service called Past Posts.

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Past Posts is a free to use web service that shows what happened on your Facebook account a year ago today. All you have to do is grant Past Posts access to your Facebook account. You are then sent daily emails of your Facebook activity from a year ago. The service is an easy way of rediscovering interesting online content and remembering important Facebook conversations.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Works as a Facebook application.
  • Sends you emails of Facebook activity from a year ago.
  • Helps rediscover interesting web links.
  • Helps remember important conversations.

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