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How Paribus Saves You Money and 6 Reasons to Start Using It

Christine Chan 17-04-2018

Online shopping is so popular since it’s easy and convenient. But isn’t it frustrating when you’ve just purchased something and see the price drop the next day? If you had waited, you’d have saved some cash!


Fortunately, a lot of stores offer a price guarantee for their customers. But it’s hard to keep track of every policy. So what are you to do?

That’s where Paribus comes in and helps you save precious money without the headache. We’ve previously provided a full overview of Paribus The Paribus Review: How to Save Money When Shopping Online Ever noticed a price drop on an item you just bought? You can get free automatic refunds with Paribus. We show you how it works in our Paribus review. Read More , but here are some other compelling reasons to install the app if you haven’t already.

A Note on the Paribus Mobile Apps

Paribus is a service that you can access using a web browser on any device. It’s easy to create an account and start getting those refunds.

For iOS users, they offer a convenient iPhone app as well, so you can check out your savings, stats, and deals at any time. While they once offered an Android version of the app, it’s not currently available on the Google Play Store.

We’ve contacted Paribus regarding this, but they do not have a timeline for the Android app’s return. The reason for this is because most of the service’s traffic comes from desktop users.


Start Using It: Paribus for iOS | Web (Free)

1. Cash Back From Previous Purchases

Man holding $20 bills

Most people buy items they need whether they’re on sale or not. These are typically essentials, or last-minute goods needed right away.

Since Paribus monitors your inbox for shipment notification emails from supported stores, you’ll receive a notification when there’s a price drop on something you’ve purchased.


The policies for price guarantees vary across companies, but Paribus handles all that for you. It will contact the retailers and provide proof for claims, all while you carry on without thinking about it.

You were going to buy those goods anyway, so why not get some cash back hassle-free if the price drops?

2. You Frequently Shop at Supported Stores


If you shop online, then you may already purchase items from stores that Paribus monitors.


You can find the full list of supported shops in Paribus’s Policy Guide. This includes popular retailers like Target, Walmart, Macy’s, Newegg, Zappos, Costco, and many more.

Unfortunately, while Amazon is on the list, Amazon no longer offers price protection. However, if your package doesn’t arrive before its guaranteed delivery date, Paribus helps you get a refund for any shipping charges on that order.

3. Be Alerted of Price Drops in Real-Time

Paribus iPhone App

One of the best benefits of Paribus is finding out what items have recently dropped in price. While you can get this information on the website, the benefit to using the free mobile app is the live feed of deals.


On the Deals section of the app, Paribus features five of the highest recent payouts at the top. Underneath these featured payouts is a live feed of new price drops that’s always up-to-date. Just tap an item to view information like the retailer, original price, current price, and a graph showing the price drop.

If you see a deal that’s too good to pass up, Paribus provides links to buy the item directly from the seller. It’s a great tool to have in your online shopping arsenal.

4. Money Back for Sales After You Bought an Item

Woman with shopping bags looking at phone

Life is short, so why wait to buy what you want?

If you’re a shopaholic, you probably tend to click and buy without hesitation. After all, shiny new purchases are hard to resist when you find something you want, even if it’s not on sale.

Naturally, these “spur of the moment” buys don’t give us much time to research and find the best deals. But Paribus still covers your impulse shopping: the service helps you get your money back on those whimsical purchases if something goes on sale shortly afterward.

No one can predict sales, but Paribus helps you cover all your bases. So feel free to treat yourself every now and then.

5. You’re Not One to Clip Coupons

Pile of coupons with scissors

While coupons are great at helping you keep some change in your pocket, it’s usually a hassle to find good coupons Forget Extreme Couponing! How to Save With Minimal Effort Extreme couponing is crazy, but you don't have to make a full-time job out of clipping coupons to save big. Here are practical tips on how to make saving with coupons easy. Read More and online promo codes. Plus, keeping track of their expiration dates can be a chore.

If you tend to forego coupons and promos for these reasons, you could be missing out on extra savings. Fortunately, Paribus helps you out. Since it monitors price drops from sales, you don’t have to do any legwork. Just buy as you normally do, and if what you bought drops to a lower price, Paribus gets your money back.

There’s nothing to keep up with, because Paribus does all of that for you. But you can combine it with the best online coupon sites to save even more if you like.

6. It’s Completely Free to Use

Paribus App Account

The best reason to use Paribus to save money is the fact that it’s free to use.

To get started, just go to the Paribus homepage and sign up by selecting your email provider. Give the service access to monitor your inbox, and it will scan for purchase receipts and shipment notification emails from supported retailers.

If an item’s price drops, or you receive a late delivery, Paribus contacts the retailer for you and goes through the steps to get your money back.

Previously, Paribus took a small fee from your savings, but now that Paribus is part of Capital One, you get 100 percent of your savings with no catch. That applies to everyone, even if you aren’t a Capital One customer.

Start Saving Money Now With Paribus

Online shopping is so much more convenient than going to brick-and-mortar stores, and we all do it already. So why not save some cash as you shop?

Paribus is easy to sign up for and handles the tedious work. Plus, it monitors a variety of retailers, so it’s highly likely that your online shops are already supported. The only step you need to get started is granting it permission to monitor your inbox for receipts and shipment notifications. Why not start saving today?

Start Using It: Paribus for iOS | Web (Free)

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