Papyrs: Create Web Pages Easily

MOin 16-06-2011

Creating a webpage that suits your preferences normally requires you to have coding know-how. Placing the webpage elements – such as text boxes, image galleries, social media buttons, etc. – where you want them often means expertly manipulating a page’s code. But thanks to Papyrs, you can place those elements expertly without dealing with any code.


create web pages easily

Papyrs is a web service currently in beta that lets you create webpages and customize them. The entire process of creating a webpage through Papyrs is very easy. After creating an account you can create webpages and name them. On each webpage you can drag elements available from Papyr’s list. These elements include text boxes, checklists, images, navigation, tweets, etc. The list of elements offered by Papyrs is extensive and will help you create your desired webpage.

Themes and color options let you modify the look of your webpages. You can choose to make the page publicly viewable or viewable only to collaborators whom you can invite via email.


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