PaperCase: Create and Print Paper Sleeves For Your CDs

PaperCase is online tool where you can create and print your own paper CD sleeves using images from any AOL Music album page (for music CDs) or Netflix DVD page (for movies).

paper case - paper cd sleeve printing

Here is how it works:

  • 1. Drag provided bookmarklet link to your Firefox toolbar or add it to your favorites in IE.
  • 2. Visit the page of the album or movie you want to get paper CD case for.
  • 3. Click on the bookmarklet and go to File -> Print preview. When satisfied click on “Print”.


  • Print out CD sleeves using content from AOL Music and Netflix DVD pages.
  • Create and print as many paper CD cases as you like. No sign up needed.
  • Coming soon: Option to use images from Picasa Web Albums.
  • Another website that offers paper CD templates is PaperCDCase reviewed.

You might also want to check out tutorial video showing how to fold sleeves for your CDs.

Check out PaperCase @ [No Longer Available]

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