Paper By FiftyThree: App For Sketching On Your iPad
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When you have a notepad with you, you can simply take it out of your bag and begin sketching with your pencil. There are not any tools you need to choose or complicate matters with. Here to offer the same kind of simplicity while sketching on the iPad is an app called Paper by FiftyThree.

sketching on the ipad

Paper by FiftyThree is sized at nearly 30 MB and your device needs to be running iOS version 4.3 or later for this app to work. Basically the app lets you quickly draw sketches on your iPad with inexplicable ease. You can use gestures on the touchscreen to use various brush thicknesses and perform various other tasks. The sketches you complete can be stored on the iPad.

paper by fiftythree

Your sketches can also be shared directly on Tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter.

Paper By FiftyThree: App For Sketching On Your iPad  paper2

Paper comes with a free brush to sketch with; other brushes can be purchased for nearly $2 each.


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