PanicButton: Quickly Hide Chrome Tabs & Restore Them Later With A Password

MOin 16-09-2012

Internet users are entitled to their privacy and should be able to hide from others what websites they are viewing. But sometimes hiding this information becomes difficult because someone can simply walk to your desk and have a look at your computer screen. In such a situation either you can close the browser quickly and lose all open webpages or you can use a tool called PanicButton.


hide chrome tabs

PanicButton is a browser extension for Google Chrome. The extension adds a new button to the browser’s address bar and offers you the option to set a hotkey for usage. Using the hotkey, you can quickly hide all open tabs and store their URLs in the extension. You can specify which page is loaded after the tabs are quickly hidden. The number on the extension’s icon indicates how many tabs have been hidden.

By clicking on the icon you can easily restore your tabs. Optionally you can set a password that is required before tabs are restored.



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