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The Pakt Coffee Brewing Kit for Travel: Portable, Durable, Delicious

Dave LeClair 29-07-2019

Sometimes, you just need to make a really delicious cup of coffee when you aren’t at home. Unfortunately, if you’re into a really good cup of joe, most hotel room coffee makers just aren’t up to the task of creating one for you.


That’s where a new coffee kit called Pakt comes into play. It’s designed to make a cup of coffee that’s as good or better than what you’d make at home but in a small size. It’s portable enough to bring with you even in the smallest pieces of luggage.

A Closer Look at the Pakt Coffee Kit

Obviously, the main thing that makes Pakt worth a second look is the size of it when compared to what it’s capable of doing. It features a pour-over design that Pakt, which is also the name of the company responsible for the kit, promises will make barista-quality coffee drinks. But it does it while only weighing in at 3.76 pounds. The whole kit 12.5-inches long with a 4.5-inch diameter, which is pretty small for a fully-featured coffee creation station.

To put the size into perspective, Pakt says that its coffee kit takes up around the same amount of space as a pair of shoes in your luggage. What’s more important, another pair of shoes or a delicious, caffeinated cup of coffee? Well, that’s for you to decide.

Basically, the kit includes a kettle, a collapsable dripper, and a travel mug, which are all the parts you’ll need to heat up the water and pour over some delicious coffee grounds.


The Pakt Coffee Brewing Kit for Travel: Portable, Durable, Delicious pakt coffee brewing kit steps make coffee

The image above shows a little breakdown of what you’ll need to do to craft your perfect cup of coffee, and the process looks quite painless.

Pakt Coffee Kit: Pricing and Availablity

Pakt is seeking funding on Kickstarter to bring its new coffee kit to market. The portable device has already exceeded its funding goal. Assuming everything goes according to plan (there are certain risks that come with backing a Kickstarter project), the team expects to deliver the kits to backers in December.

If you’re interested in purchasing a Pakt Coffee Kit for yourself, you can order one right now for $139. When the device hits retail, the creators say it will sell for $189, so the early price is a pretty decent deal.

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