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You Can Now Get Paid to Write Medium Articles

Dave Parrack 11-10-2017

Medium, the popular blogging platform 5 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Medium There's a lot of stuff on Medium, but it can be hard to find the best content. Use this guide to find the best articles, no matter what you're into. Read More on which millenials like to pen wordy opinion pieces, is opening up its Partner Program to let anyone and everyone earn money from their writing. Medium previously only invited certain publications and writers to join its Partner Program.


Everyone else was stuck letting any old riffraff read their carefully chosen words for free. But now, everyone is being invited to place their content behind Medium’s paywall in the hopes of making some money. The problem is there’ll be more people chasing after those Claps from members.

Medium Members Hand Out Claps

Last March, Medium started offering memberships. For $5-per-month, Medium members would gain exclusive access to articles, early access to new features, and no longer have to put up with ads. Members decide which authors they want to get paid by making use of Medium’s Claps feature. The more Claps an author gets, the bigger slice of the pie they receive at the end of the month.

The number of authors placing their content behind Medium’s paywall was limited to invitees only. However, as outlined in a Medium post, Ev Williams, the CEO of Medium, “Starting today, anyone can enroll in our Partner Program and earn money based on the depth and value they provide to members”.

The idea is for Medium to offer an “open paywall for thoughtful content on the internet”. Members pay Medium their Netflix-style subscription fees, Medium provides them with access to content, and the content creators get paid based on members’ reactions to their writings.

The ultimate goal is to remove the need for advertising, and thus, according to Williams, “remove conflicts between serving our readers and serving those paying the bills”. Which is a noble goal, but one that relies on people signing up to Medium memberships in their droves.


The Internet’s First Open Paywall

This is a big win for Medium, which is likely to increase the number and diversity of articles being published behind the paywall Google Gives Up the Fight Against Paywalls Google will no longer force publishers using paywalls to offer free content. Instead, publishers using paywalls to fund themselves will enjoy equality with other publishers. Read More . And it’s a big win for existing members, who gain ad-free access to more content. But there will now be more content creators fighting over those Claps, and the slices of pie being handed out are likely to get smaller and smaller from here on in.

Do you regularly read articles on Medium? Who are your favorite writers on the site? Are you a Medium member paying your $5-per-month? Do you think it’s worth the asking price? What do you think of Medium opening up its Partner Program? The comments are open below!

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